Frankie Bellamy (Independent)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationB.S. Science Degree; North Carolina Central - University Durham, NC MAP Master Degree; University of Akron - Akron, OH M.Ed. Master Degree; Kent State University - Kent, OH
EmployerBELLAMY Political Consultants
FamilyWife, Michelle; children, NaShey, Francesca, and Franklin, III
Family in office?No relatives in public office or employment.
Reasons for runningI need your vote to restore Youngstown to a city where your investments are profitable, safe and the quality of life is excellent. Our city has been plagued with weak and ineffective leadership for years. We have all suffered because of it and this is why I have stepped forward to provide strong and no nonsense guidance to Youngstown.

My older children moved away from Youngstown for better opportunities and a safer living environment. In fact, many employment opportunities are returning to the city but the unsafe living condition is deterring new families from moving in. My leadership can change Youngstown for the better but I need your vote to get elected as the new mayor.
Priorities I will do the following as the new City Mayor:

• Protect & Increase the Quality of Life for the Senior Citizens

• Change the Free-for-all Drug Selling & Crime Culture in Youngstown

• Lower the City Income Tax rate to attract new businesses & workers to the city

• Invest city resources to support burgeoning Industries & Technologies

• Targeted Police Protection & Funding to our present Stable Neighborhoods and businesses

• Hire more City Police Officers
QualificationsI am well educated with great respect from the city residents that no other candidate could lay claim too. Its time to say "Stop" to all of the Bad Actors in our community and I have the legitimacy, knowledge and experience to do so. Quality of life, Jobs and Safety are the main concerns that will save Youngstown. I am the best leader for Youngstown at this point in the city's history....Thank you for Your Vote!
Positions on the issues a. Protect Senior Citizens from Crimes

b. Registration for all Metal Scrappers & Trash Hauling

c. As Mayor I will hire “Four Mayor Assistants” to cover the entire city

d. City Police University Division to work with Youngstown State University

e. Convert City Vacant Land into Mini Farms & Produce growing fields

f. Create a “State of Emergency” to stop Drug Gangs & Crimes

g. Promote as Covelli Center as the regional Music Performance Capital
[Close Circuit, Pay per view Shows for TV & Internet with High
Tech Video Captures and Artist Performance Commitments

h. Push for Youngstown Incubator Center to become part of YSU

I. Convert Youngstown City Schools system in to a 21st Century Learning Institute with technology in education as the focus for Kids & Educators in Youngstown

j. Change the City Employees in Demolition & Housing Dept. to create an atmosphere for proactively fighting the housing blight problem.

k. Create technology innovations to combat City Water Dept. Overcharges to Customers

l. Stop Crime by Targeting & Profiling Criminals
Offices Sought City Mayor
City Clerk of Court
Offices Held No Elected office held