Felicia Davis (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceWarren, OH
EducationUniversity of Phoenix – Master in Business Administration and Healthcare Management- 2005 Kent State University- Kent, Oh – Bachelor of Arts – Rhetoric and Communication – 1996 Published Author: Winning Strategies for Professional and Personal Development “All in One Career”
EmployerFelicia Davis Agency - Owner Insurance Agent- Specializing in Medicare Solutions-
2000- PRESENT - Touching the lives of over 3,000 and their families
Dress for Success Warren Youngstown - Founder and CEO
Dress for Success Warren Youngstown stems the underlying cause of cyclical poverty by addressing in crisis via grassroots programs that produce systemic change. Dress for Success helps our clients help themselves. Our community driven programs and services provide long term solutions to impoverishment through the promotion of self sufficiency.
Dress for Success’ founding mission – is to supply low income women with the necessary business clothing to reenter the job market – has expanded tremendously. While we recognize the vital role that appropriate attire plays in acquiring a job, with our current mission, Dress for Success Warren Youngstown has been able to help women gain confidence within and actualize their professional goals. Our services would be extend to your men participants where they would have access to Our Career Centers which promote confidence and professionalism by providing Dress for Success clients with career guidance, technology skills and support in their job searches. The program offers services and resources that are vital to individuals entering the workforce, such as: an Internet-accessible computer lab with cutting-edge job placement software; job search assistance; resume and cover-letter-writing lessons; interview preparation; and mock interviews.
FamilyRobert Davis Jr - Husband
Brittany Pruitt Daughter
Raquel Davis Daughter
Corey Davis- Son

Camille Davis
Corey Davis
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningBorn and raised in Warren- 20 years in the 1st Ward, I am running because I believe in this City, This City is a Wonderful Place to Live and Raise a Family- In my 12 years + as a humanitarian for women issues (Dress for Success Warren Youngstown) my attitude is that every problem has a solution. When invested parties are engaged and focused on outcomes, great things happen. I believe in good government. I am committed to helping citizens and businesses have the best possible outcomes when dealing with the City. As your Councilwoman, I will work with you to effectively and efficiently resolve any issue brought to my attention. Furthermore, I believe the key to a successful community is financial planning, strategic planning and budgeting. With my experience in all of these areas, I will be a good steward over the city’s finances in preparation for passing a balanced budget.

I will bring forth Legislation to keep our community safe and thriving. In addition, I will also make sure we enforce current legislation we have on the books.

I will have 1st ward meetings to engage our citizens in an open dialog, thereby keeping my constituents informed as they express their issues and concerns.

I will take an active approach to maintaining our aging infrastructure I will work with city officials as it relates to road resurfacing projects and routine maintenance of our streets. I will focus on our water and sewer infrastructure and resources to spur economic development.

Overall, I want to utilized my expertise to bring the city to where it once was- a thriving community where our children don't have to leave and find employment in other towns. Where our communities are safe, and our law enforcements are not worried about their jobs..Where are children are safe..I want to be a partner with the City to bring a positive outcome for the future...of our City.

Priorities We are in the middle of the most trying economic conditions seen in decades government agencies at the state and local level are facing tremendous pressure to reduce costs.
Important Issues
* Keeping the roads safe that local citizens and businesses travel on.
* Making sure City contracts employ local workers.
* Reducing obstacles that make it difficult for local companies to expand and new companies to locate in Warren, using my experience learned over my ten years working with bugdets, management and grants.
* Making sure that city tax incentives create and keep jobs in Warren. If they don't, I will push to fix or get rid of them.
* Improve City Services and Make sure tax dollars are spent wisely.
* Economic development grants and micro-loans to successful small businesses.

Safe, Livable and Vibrant Neighborhoods
We all do better when neighborhoods are safe, strong, vital, and engaged. As your Councilwoman, I will authentically engage neighbors, law enforcement, community groups, organizations, businesses and district councils to address livability issues and ensure we all have the tools needed to build community and reduce crime.

Restore Housing and Prevent Foreclosures
Neighbors know that keeping people in their homes stabilizes neighborhoods and reduces crime and blight associated with vacant houses. For many of us, our greatest resource is our home -- whether we rent or own. As your Councilwoman, I will use existing resources and creative problem-solving to revitalize vacant homes and commercial properties, and I will work aggressively to prevent foreclosures.

Economic Opportunities and Jobs
As your Councilwoman, I would work with the City, organizations, law enforcement, businesses and neighborhoods to determine and implement ways to expedite and deepen the revitalization of our community. I would protect current jobs and help to create new jobs for Warren residents by supporting locally-owned businesses.
QualificationsEffective communicator, with excellent planning, organizational and negotiations strength as well as the ability lead and reach census, establish goals, attain results.

Seasoned in conceiving and building programs from the ground up through proven competencies in grant writing and administration, project and program management, staff development and empowerment.

Owner of Insurance Agency - Felicia Davis Agency

Kent State University BA Rhetoric and Communication

University of Phoenix -Master in Business Administration and Healthcare Management

United States Navy
7 years Good Conduct Medal

Founder and CEO – 12 years + grant writing, budgeting, management
Dress for Success reaching over 3000 women - raised over $500,000 in donations, funding and volunteerism
Published Author Winning Strategies for Professional and Personal Development

Excellence Award 2003 for helping strengthening and expanding the economic development, Bright Light of Mahoning County by the Vindicator, African American Achiever’s Association Hall of Fame inductee, 2004 Nominated Athena Award, member of NAACP, member Trumbull Democrat Women’s Federated Party, Board Member of Dress for Success Warren Youngstown
Positions on the issues What can be done to increase employment and induce new industry to locate in the area?
①Keeping the roads safe that local citizens and businesses travel on
②Construction Projects (Infrastructure) to our valley - Repair and maintenance of our existing roads, bridges and public transportation systems vitally important to job creation
③Continue working on developing incentive programs to attract new business in our valley (Tax codes and entitlement Packages etc.)
④Providing water and sewer to surrounding areas which are still on well systems, thereby spurring future grow and development
⑤ New Job Training assistance program to train individuals in -Promoting Entrepreneurial Training the program would provide counseling, technical assistance and classroom training in preparation of running a business. (Information Technology Training.)
What can and should be done to reduce crime and blight in the city? Increase or meet minimum staffing levels within our safety forces, work with chairman for police and fire department, community organizations as well as outside law enforcement to ensure the adequate coverage of the city is met in all areas.
What is your position on privatization of government jobs and services?? I oppose privatization, by outsourcing jobs it impedes on our ability to take care of our families, and take jobs from our children and family that want to stay here in the valley. When government services are privatized, our friends, family, and neighbors who work in the public sector lose their jobs which stagnates the economy, deteriorates neighborhoods, and creates high unemployment. Our community was built off the power of the middle class and its ability to have the funds to spend in order to stimulate the community.
Offices Sought 1st Ward Council seat - 2010
Offices Held None