Eugene Mach II (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceWarren, OH
EducationBachelors in Integrated Business Education 4-12 Masters in Education Administration (summer 2014)
EmployerUpward Bound at Youngstown State University
FamilyEmily Mach
Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningI am a strong advocate for education and Ohio business, and some of the things I would like to help fix can only be fixed at the State House. We have not had a state funding system for education in two and a half years, and our vocational education programs need to be updated to meet the needs of today's students. Having lived in the area and benefited from a public education from Warren City Schools, I am personally invested in the community and how we educate our youth. I do not believe either of my opponents have the educational knowledge to help with these extremely important issues.
Priorities If elected, I would focus on three primary issues in my first term. They are as follows:

Educational Funding: Rep. Paterson from Ashtabula is currently leading the charge to put a constitutional educational funding system into place in Ohio (which we have not had since the 1980's). I would work at his side tirelessly to help pass a bipartisan educational funding bill that works for all Ohioans.

Update Ohio's Vocational Education Programs: For years now we have been preparing all students to go to college when that simply isn't realistic for many of our young people. Now, don't get me wrong I believe every student should have the option to go to college, but I do not believe that should be their only option. We currently wait until students are entering the eleventh grade to begin vocational training and require them to have a high grade point average and teacher recommendations; however, this system fails those students who truly need them. A large number of students who have little interest in college will not make it to the eleventh grade, and if they do, they will likely not have the GPA or strong ties to their teachers to get into the vocational programs. We need to start these programs in the ninth grade and provide the students with the same two years of training followed by two years of a school to work co-op that allows students to gain valuable work experience while still taking the high school classes required to get into college, if they chose to attend after high school.

Buy Ohio Plan: My plan would require all state agencies to seek out Ohio vendor first when looking to purchase goods and services. This would not only help Ohio businesses, but it would keep tax dollars in the state and attract new businesses who want to do business with the state of Ohio.
QualificationsOf the three democratic candidates, I have the most education; I have taught in public and charter schools; I have seven years of experience working with pre-college programs to help at risk students graduate from high schools and get into college; I am also the only candidate that truly understands the struggles average citizens are facing. My opponents are decades if not generations away from knowing what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck or even to have to rely on public assistance. Being raised by my paternal grandparents, I understand todays family and social dynamics better than any other candidate in this race, which makes me a true representative of the people.
Positions on the issues Fracking: pro (with environmental regulations)
Investing in clean energy: pro
Promoting business growth: pro
Protecting voter rights: pro
Educational Funding: needs to be fair for all schools no matter what property values are in the district
Lowering Unemployment: pro - I'll support all reasonable measures to put people back to work
Offices Sought N/A
Offices Held N/A