Elaine Mastromatteo (Green)

Running for
ResidenceBristolville, OH
EducationI received a first-class old-school public education. I had kindergarten in Beaver Falls, Pa., K-5 in Pittsburgh, Pa. and 6-12 in Mentor, Ohio, graduating magna cum laude in 1977.
FamilyMike, husband, married 29 years.

Two children.
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI'm running to give Americans the option of supporting a candidate who is not corrupted by corporate interests and a party that does not accept corporate donations. Public disapproval of the U.S. Congress is at 78%. The People realize that Congress has FAILED in its responsibility to legislate in the best interests of the human society they are supposed to represent. I'm just someone who is so exasperated with our two political parties that work for one Wall Street agenda that I promised myself I'd never vote for a Republican or Democrat again. Not wanting to completely give up voting, I sought out a party to support and found the Greens. But in order to build our party, we need to run candidates, and that turned out to be me. I'm an ordinary American and I think it’s important to send someone who understands ordinary Americans to Washington to represent them.
Priorities 1. Get private/corporate money out of politics. We see laws that allow corporations to pollute and poison with impunity, evade taxes, erode communities, ignore worker health and safety and avoid prosecution for criminal wrongdoing. Congress must take back the responsibility of legislating in the best interests of the American people and the only way to get them to do that is to take away the heavy influence of special interest lobbyists and corporate funding of elections.

2. Restore responsibility in the financial sector. De-regulation of the banking and financial industry has resulted in huge profits for Wall St. and disastrous economic conditions for the rest of us. Congress must enact regulations to prevent speculative gambling by commercial banks, to regulate and heavily tax investment banks that make huge profits on speculation, and to enable prosecution and punishment of fraud.

3. End the wars, bring our troops home, and trim the defense budget. Americans are tired of war and killing and living in a state of manufactured fear. Our “defense” expenditures are more than the expenditures of the rest of the world combined. While our soldiers fight for empire in exceedingly devastating conditions, their homes are being foreclosed on here and their families are abandoned. Soldier suicides are higher than battle casualties. American anxiety is at an all-time high and it is past time to stop pouring money into destruction and start promoting an economy based on Peace and Co-operation between people. It’s time to build safer energy sources that don’t threaten future generations. It’s time to work for better education, health care for all, a living wage, and an atmosphere of respect for all people and their basic needs.

4.Bring in the people who are left out by regressive government policies. Whether it's health care, education, home ownership or the alarming rate of incarceration, our political system is designed to leave some people out of the benefits of American society. Government should serve all the people equally, not pick and choose based on race, religion, sexual orientation or wealth.

QualificationsI'm a wife, mother and grandmother who has lived in this state for most of her 52 years and I'm affected by every single rotten government policy that takes away the rights of the people and their communities to have dominion over themselves and their local resources and puts that control in the hands of immoral and soulless corporations and their corrupted political promoters. I'm sick of watching my state and my country and my people being used as both the dumping ground and cleanup crew of corporate waste and excesses. I am most qualified by my lack of exposure to the corrupting influences of politics, and by my commitment to follow Green Party Values and remain free of corporate influence by NOT TAKING CORPORATE DONATIONS, just donations from individuals like you.
Positions on the issues My platform is based on the Green Party’s Ten Key Values and the Green New Deal. I would take corporate money out of politics by legislating for public financing of elections and small individual donations only. Huge multinational corporations and the obscenely wealthy have been allowed to capture our government through massive campaign donations and lobbying efforts. Legislation has been passed that stymies the efforts of communities to control their own resources. Regular citizens, including the small-business community, understand the need to protect our environment so that the planet is habitable for all. Huge corporations focused on constant growth with profit as their sole motive do not. I would legislate to put the power and money back into the hands of the people who are affected. Ordinary Americans are the real job creators!
I would legislate for re-regulation of the banks, bring back Glass-Steagal protections, break up huge monopolies, Repeal NAFTA and the Patriot Act and prosecute those whose fraud destroyed our economy.
I would legislate to wage Peace, cut defense spending and bring our troops home for good. The military is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels; the War on Terror is an utter disaster; what we spend in Afghanistan in one day could run a small town for a year. Americans are tired of war. Our economy and our veterans are displaying the extreme stress that comes from it. It's time to REALLY support our troops by bringing them home to a country that meets their needs.

With the money saved on killing I would enact Single Payer Healthcare for all, fully fund life-sustaining programs like Social Security and unemployment benefits and increase funding for a high quality, free or low-cost education including college. I would put people to work on infrastructure projects, put an emphasis on green energy by reducing subsidies now wasted on profitable oil, gas and coal businesses and increasing subsidies to solar, wind and sustainable energy projects. I would increase mental health and veterans services, and follow the Green New Deal.
Offices Sought I ran for Council-at-Large in Painesville in 2005. I also ran as a write-in candidate for Congress in the 17th District in 2010.
Offices Held I've been active in the Green Party for 3 years, and have been elected to the Trumbull County Central Committee and the Ohio State Central Committee of the Green Party, positions I hold now.