David Joyce (Republican)

Running for
ResidenceNovelty, OH
EducationWest Geauga High School 1975 University of Dayton – Accounting – 1979 University of Dayton – Law School – 1982
EmployerGeauga County Prosecutor since 1988
FamilySpouse: Kelly
Children: Trenton, Keighle, Bridey
Reasons for runningMy late father, a WWII veteran, always preached that if you work hard and play by the rules you can get
ahead. That is why I'm running for Congress. I want to restore that mentality. I fear too many Americans
and small business owners don't believe that anymore. As the proud husband of a registered nurse and
father of three children, I want to make sure the Americans have an economic future. I want to help create
an environment in which anyone who wants a job can have a job. I know all of this may sound like talking
points but as a two income family that has tightened their belts during these tough times I want to bring
that common sense approach to our federal government.
Priorities Job creation - Too many people are locked into stagnant wages and too many businesses are holding
back from creating jobs because of the uncertainty that our federal government has provided. We need to
provide clarity on taxes, health care policy, and regulations. Without clarity, our economy will remain

Clear, Easy & Simple Tax Code. We need to have a system that is clear, easy and simpler. We need a
tax code in which everyone benefits. No Americans should be able to game system to pay less than they
should. We also need to remove complicated lobbyist loopholes.

Efficient & Effective Government. Let's be clear: We don't have a deficit because Americans are taxed too
little: we have deficits because Washington spends too much. We need to end the budget tricks. No more
accounting gimmicks. No more empty promises. Americans deserve the truth about our problems. As
Prosecutor I have consistently come in under budget. In fact, in my first year after I came in under budget
I was told that I needed to spend more or I would get a smaller budget the next year, I said no because I
didn’t need the money. If more people in Washington operated with that mindset solving the nation’s
budget would not be so daunting.
QualificationsFor the past 24 years I have proudly served as the Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney. During that
time I have dealt will also sorts of criminals and it was my job to provide justice and make this region safe.
I am very proud when Geauga County was named as one of the best places to raise a family by Forbes
Magazine. This is where I have raised my family and where I plan to spend the rest of my life. Being in
the middle of a struggling economy means that government at all levels – including Congress, must
tighten their belts. This is why as Prosecutor, I have consistently returned unused taxpayer dollars to the
people of Geauga County. I will take this common sense approach to Washington.
Positions on the issues I think the major relevant issue in our country is the economic security of the American people. In order to
get the economy going again we need to invest in the American people and small business owners. We need to restore the faith in Americans that hard work can still be rewarded in this country. To do this we need to get our spending under control. Washington's budget mess means we won't be able to afford critical programs like Medicare and Social Security. We have to create a more clear, easy and simple tax code. These common senses approaches are what I want to bring to Washington D.C.