David Engler (Democrat)

Running for
ResidencePoland, OH
EducationAustintown Fitch High School (1978) Case Western Reserve University B.A. (1982) Case Western Reserve University J.D. (1985)
EmployerEngler and Associates
FamilyElizabeth, Emma and William
Family in office?My older sister is a school teacher in Denver, Colorado and my younger sister is a professor at University of Maine.
Reasons for runningMy legal training, experience and work history make me the most qualified candidate with actual trial and extensive litigation experience in many areas of law. My actual experience is significantly more than my opponent's.

I also believe it is inappropriate for two brothers serving on the same Court of Appeal. It is prohibited under federal law for the reason that a litigant expects to get an independent decision from three judges. The law is clear that public officials cannot do business with other family members. It is nonsensical to think that the two could act without the bias of being brothers. They are nice people from a good family, but this is not a monarchy but a democracy.
Priorities To provide a court that is open and accessible, works quickly and above all with fidelity to our constitution and justice for all.
QualificationsI have tried dozens of felony cases in state court and also complex litigation in federal courts. I have a 3 to 1 acquittal to guilty ratio. I have litigated over 1000 domestic relation matters and approximately 500 plus criminal matters from misdemeanors to Felony 1's. I have filled 200 plus bankruptcy cases but that experience is in the federal court system.
What I am proudest of is fighting for victims of governmental neglect and abuse throughout Ohio and in other jurisdictions pro hac vice. I have fought for abused and murdered children in 6 different districts in Ohio.
I have argued successfully in 5 different Courts of Appeals in Ohio and the 6th District federally. I have appeared in the Court of Appeals in this State approximately 30 times.
no local lawyer has filed more open record cases than myself or argued as szealously for transparency in government.
I have negotiated labor contracts for both unions and managements. I have negotiated land acquisitions on behalf of multi-national corporations, represented a major entertainment industry executive and musical act, and represented plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury lawsuits.
I am admitted into the federal 6th District Court of Appeals, Northern District of Ohio, Southern District of Ohio and Western District of Pennsylvania.
My private business experience is in the start-up of two technology start-ups, both of which are successful.
Positions on the issues A Court of Appeals Judge needs to apply the law fairly and consistently on a case by case basis.
Each appellant or appellee deserves an independent review by three judges. Two brothers on the same panel is simply unfair to this notion. That is why it was banned on a federal level.
Offices Sought 56th District House of Representative (1986)
Youngstown 5th Ward Council (1987)
Mahoning County Commissioner (1992)
reelection (1996)
Mahoning County Educational Service Center(1999)
Offices Held Above with exception of 56th District House of Representative