David Schnurrenberger

Running for
ResidenceAustintown, OH
EducationGraduated Austintown Fitch in 1967 Attended YSU 1967 to 1972
FamilyKaren Sue (Johns)

Children are David W., Katie Ann, and Daniel

And 3 grandchildren
Family in office?Children are classroom teachers
Reasons for runningServing on the Austintown Board of Education the past four years has been a rewarding experience. I continue to believe public service is of value to any community. We have made progress in the last four years and I want to continue to contribute and be part of providing a well rounded, quality educational opportunity to our children. Our family has always been involved in supporting the Austintown Local School District whenever possible. I will continue to be committed in doing my best.
Priorities We need to continue to monitor our district's curriculum and prepare our students in becoming career ready or to further their education. We can accomplish this by continuing a strong teacher mentoring program, collaborating, and allocating resources as available to accomplish this task. Secondly, we need to maintain and improve district communications.
We can make strides to improve district communication by proactively utilizing email and other media in keeping facts clear and information correct.
QualificationsDuring the last four years our district has been recognized as an "Excellent with Distinction" school district as well as having two elementary schools recognized for "Schools of Promise". Recently we received a "B" on the new state grading system which will become effective with any revisions in 2015. This shows areas where we will focus for improvement. We have introduced STEM, maintained a balanced budget, received an 80% grant to purchase 14 new buses, improved technology throughout the district, introduced an energy plan, provided education options, and improved the nutritional value of our school lunch program ahead of the curve. In addition the district planned and constructed new state of the art K-2 and 3-5 schools on schedule to begin this school year. These are some of the achievements the district has accomplished. I am proud to have been a part of and to have supported these accomplishments.

As a lifetime resident of Austintown, I have witnessed much of the growth in our community as well as our schools. As a parent, we have three children, David W (FHS 1997), Katie (FHS 1998) and Daniel (FHS 2001)all of whom attended our schools K-12, went on to further their educations and are now teachers. During their school years they participated in many extra-curricular activities. As parents we fully supported their activities. This support continues today as we continue to support the activities of the students in our school district in their extra-curricular activities. As a community member I am a lifelong member of Austintown Community Church where I have served various terms on consistory and more recently a member of its search committee for a new pastor. I continue to volunteer for the Salvation Army. Since being elected to my first term as a board member I joined the Austintown Kiwanis Club whose focus is on kids, and am currently the vice president. In addition the past two years I have participated in the Woodside Reads program which serves the schools through working with our youngest learners. I was a member of the district's Strategic Planning Team, which played a part in building AMS prior to becoming a board member.

I have served on the district's financial oversight committee and administrative committees. Our district is currently projected to be in the black for the 2013-2014 school year and recently completed its annual evaluation with the board. Continuing education applies to board members also. I attended two annual school board conventions and participated in many workshops which are intended to develop a board member's knowledge, skills, and decision making. I have also served as board vice president and I am currently the board president. I am willing to lead as well as being a team member. After being elected as president I attended the Ohio School Boards workshop for presidents. This workshop is designed to develop newly elected board presidents into more effective leaders.
Positions on the issues It appears that open enrollment will continue to be a topic of conversation among all school districts. Open enrollment is primarily enacted to provide income to a school district due to cutbacks in funding. More districts are choosing the open enrollment to narrow the financial gap. A well-documented and administered program provides the necessary income to continue current levels of staffing, programing, and extra-curricular activities without additional fees. In addition, by maintaining the number of classrooms at the elementary level through open enrollment, we can introduce our early learners sooner to our education system.
Offices Sought Austintown Board of Education in 2009
Offices Held Austintown Board of Education 2009 to Present