Dave Morrison

Running for
ResidenceCanfield Township, OH
EducationCanfield High School 1968 Graduate
EmployerCanfield Township
21 S. Broad Street
Canfield, Oh 44406
16 years Canfield Township Zoning Inspector
FamilyWife Patricia
33 years
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningI have always considered Canfield as a special community, also to continue being a part of shaping the community I live in by helping to retain and promote the quality of life and living in Canfield Township. I would consider it a previliage to be a representive and voice for the residents of our community.
Priorities Restore the Quality of Public Services the residents deserve by using the knowledge and experiance of the Public Works staff, Twp. Administrator and Fiscal Officer. Update and revise the Canfield Township Zoning Resolution written in 1948. Improve and complete the Canfield Community Park. Update and restore deteriorating infrastructure and promote new projects. Seek grants and avaible money for community projects, work with other Goverment Offices for the economical and common good for the Residents of Canfield Township and the Community of Canfield. Have a web site created with Trustee, Board of Appeals and Zoning Commission minutes also Zoning Resolution and Zoning Maps.
Stop senseless spending.
QualificationsCanfield Township Zoning Inspector 16 years experiance serving the residents of the Township. Past President/owner/employer Scotmor Co.Inc. 19 years.
Past Canfield City Historic Design and Review Board Member
Past Mahoning County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor
Canfield Resident 55 years
Offices Sought none
Offices Held none