Daniel Yemma (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceStruthers, OH
EducationPlease see attached resume.
EmployerMahoning County Treasurer (June 2011)
FamilySingle, two sons age 29, 27
Family in office?None
Time in areaLifetime
Reasons for runningI am beginning my 13th year serving as an elected official. I have an esteblished record upon which I am willing and proud to run. My background, experience in the public and private sectors and education bring value to the position particularly with regard to administrative and financial operations during these difficult economic times.
Priorities Maintaining and/or increasing services to the taxpayer with no increase in taxes is an ongoing challenge in our stagnant economy. I am exploring options such as taking advantage of technologies to deliver services in a more cost efficient manner. Establishing the countywide landbank is a priority. The landbank is a tool that will return tax-delinquent properties to productivity while at the same time reducing blight and disinvestment in our neighborhoods.
QualificationsMy professional and educational background combined with experience I've gained as an elected official provides a unique blend of qualifications that would be difficult to match for this position. The County Treasurer's office serves as the "bank" for Mahoning County. I worked in banking for 18 years and all of my career, over 30 years, in financial services banking-related industries.
Positions on the issues The prevalence of vacant, abandoned, tax delinquent properties throughout Mahoning County and our valley is a primary contributor to blight, crime and decreasing property values. This causes erosion of our tax base. We must demolish structures that cannot be saved and use the authority vested in my office to operate a functional landbank to begin reversing this trend.

The fracking/drilling issue is extremely relevant in our Valley right now. We need to fully explore this opportunity for job creation and expansion while making sure it is done with no inherent dangers to our environment and population.
Offices Sought 60th District State Representative - May 2006 Primary
Offices Held Struthers City Council - Jan 2000 thru June 2011 (resigned to accept appointment as Mah Cty Treasurer)

Mahoning County Treasurer - June 2011 thru present(Appointed to fill unexpired term)