Colleen O'Toole

Running for
ResidenceConcord Township, OH
EmployerAttorney CEO and Founder of On Demand Interpretation Services LLC
FamilyHusband David
Children Nicholas Micheal and Fallyn
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningThe system is not working for litigants or taxpayers it only serves judges, bar associations and attorneys it is ripe with cronyism and special interests. The existing model is corrupted. I want to change that model.

I believe I am well qualified and well suited to execute the duties of a Court of Appeals Judge. I am a disciplined, common sense jurist who has the ability to see all sides of the issues in question. I follow the law and the Constitution with careful precision. I am dedicated to insuring freedom for our generation, and that of our children and grandchildren. I have a deep commitment to improving the public’s access to justice and improving the system that administers justice. I deeply believe that a fair and open justice system is integral to a free and democratic society.

Priorities I have four goals. One would be to reduce the number of Judges and staff to appropriately mirror the latest census. A second goal would be to increase the access to justice for the litigant in two areas. First for pro se litigants, I would propose simplifying the forms and providing a duty staff to assist them with the filing of forms. Third, I would work to eliminate the need for overly expensive transcripts by working to make all transcripts public record once filed and place them on the internet. I am so vested in the concept of access to justice, I started a business to assist litigants who primarily speak a foreign language to obtain an interpreter with a cutting edge piece of technology that when utilized provides more efficient access and costs a fraction of the current rate. My fourth goal would be to eliminate the influence of special interests such as the bar associations in their ability to influence rules and procedures thus influencing cases. I support a mandatory disqualification from any case whenever an attorney of record, the attorney’s firms, the litigants, or litigant’s employer have contributed a large contribution, i.e. $499. Additionally, if a jurist receives 25% or more of his/her campaign contributions from a particular industry or group, they should recuse themselves from hearing the case.

QualificationsColleen O’Toole was elected to the Eleventh District Court of Appeals in 2004 served until 2011. During her term she decided over 1500 cases 72 murders and authored over 500 opinions. She was a member of the Ohio Judicial Conference and the Courts of Appeals Judges Association. She established a case management system which reduced backlog by 60% in the court of appeals. She advocated for efficiency and increased access to pro se litigants. She is relentless against attorneys who seek to capitalize on an inside advantage as well as special interests such as bar associations when they try to influence access to justice at the expense of the litigants, the taxpayer or fellow counsel.

During her tenure on the bench, Colleen O’Toole served as a member of the Ohio Judicial Conference, serving on the Community Corrections, Court Administration, Court Technology and Criminal Law & Procedure committees. In addition, she served as a member of the subcommittee for Court Reporting and Transcripts. She was integral member of these committees and assisted in drafting various recommendations that were adopted in the legislative platform of the conference. Judge O’Toole testified on the positions of the Ohio Judicial Conference before the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee and participated in many legislative conferences advocating the positions of the conference before legislators. She was a member of Library of Reasoned Orders Committee. She was appointed by late Chief Justice Moyer as a member of Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission and is currently serving in an advisory capacity to that commission. This commission is a bipartisan statutory advisory body charged with reviewing the criminal justice system and recommending improvements and changes to the Ohio legislature. She presently is CEO of Of On Demand Interpretation Services LLC
Positions on the issues Minimize effects of lawyers and bar associations on judges rulings and the court rules of superintendence.
Make the court and the legal system more responsible to the taxpayers and the litigants.
Minimize and realign the number of Judges based upon census data.
Create free and open access to transcripts.
Offices Sought Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge 1998
11th District Court of Appeals 2002
11th District Court of Appeals 2004
11th District Court of Appeals 2010

Offices Held 11th District Court of Appeals 2005-2011