Cheryl Waite (Democrat)

Running for
ResidencePoland, OH
EducationB.A. in English from Youngstown State University, Magna Cum Laude, March of 1982 J.D. Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, May, 1985
EmployerState of Ohio, Seventh District Court of Appeals since 1997
Familyhusband, Atty. Edwin Romero
daughter, Alexis Romero
son, Evan Romero
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningI am running for my fourth term on the bench because I find my role in the justice system very fulfilling. I have always enjoyed research and writing, and am lucky to put my love of writing to use serving the public. The public associates all judges with trial courts, and are familiar with them from television and the movies, if not from actual experience. Very few understand the job of reviewing courts, or find their work very exciting if they understand it at all. But courts of review have crucial roles to play. I believe appellate courts fulfill a vital role in the judicial process, not only because we may be the first level of redress for any errors that may have occurred at the trial level, but because we may serve as the only means to correct those errors. Courts of appeal hear and decide all cases brought to them from the trial courts in the district. The Ohio Supreme Court, the next step in the process, accepts only a fraction of the cases brought to it each year. Thus, we become the "Supreme Court" for most people.
Priorities I would like to continue to streamline our local process for hearing and deciding cases. I would like to increase the public awareness and education as to how the judicial system works by increasing our presence in the schools and to the public. I would also like to assist with the court's drive to be more user-friendly through the use of electronic filings and increased use of technology.
QualificationsPrior to my election in 1996, as an Assistant Law Director for the City of Youngstown, I handled virtually all of the appeals for the City, both state and federal, including filing before the Ohio and U.S. Supreme Courts. In my over 17 years on the bench, I have helped decide over 4000 appeals and have personally written over 1100 decisions. I have twice served as presiding judge of the court and was recently elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio Courts of Appeal Judges Association by the 68 appellate judges statewide. My colleagues and I have instituted a program of community education, where we hold actual court hearings in district schools so that people can become more aware of the work we do. And I have helped present seminars on appellate issues and procedure.

In addition, I have served on the Ohio Supreme Court several times at the request of the Late Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
Positions on the issues As a sitting judge and judicial candidate, I am restricted from taking positions and making promises. I can say that my record of service should speak for itself and, since the Supreme Court now publishes all opinions on its website, that record is literally an open book. Because the only issues which I can address are the fair administration of justice and the administration of the court, itself, I believe my years of service to the community and as a judge have shown me to be diligent, honest and fair.
Offices Sought None other than my current position
Offices Held None