Cheryl Asente

Running for
ResidenceGirard, OH
EducationBachelors Degree in Psychology Masters in Counseling Psychology
FamilyRich, Joe & Justin
Family in office?none
Reasons for running I can bring a fresh perspective to improve the education system of Girard.
Priorities To listen to the people of Girard and reflect their wishes in voting on the issues presented at the Board of Education.
Qualifications I have been a volunteer child advocate for 15 years, nationally as well as locally.
I have been an active participant in my own children’s education process, as well as involvement in leadership roles in their various activites; including cub scouts, band boosters, parent-teacher organizations, the arts, and various sports teams.
I have also participated as the parent representative on several school committees such as: the committee to establish safe sidewalks to school, the health & safety committee, and a committee to improve students performance on standardized tests.
My profession as a mental health therapist helps me to be a good listener. I believe that is a valuable asset as a school board member; to listen to the concerns of the community.
I am also a person of action. I think “outside the box” and am not afraid to implement new ideas to help the education process.
Positions on the issues To provide sidewalks in a timely manner surrounding the High School, particularly on Shannon Rd.

To encourage students to excel academically and provide incentives for them to do so, such as the College in High School and early dismissal programs.

To encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities at all levels of their education process, including sports, the arts , clubs and social service organizations.

To expect a high standard of respectfulness and conduct of all Girard Students and Staff
Offices Sought none
Offices Held none