Charles Sammarone (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationB.S., Education-Youngstown State University Masters, Administration - Westminster College Additional 45 Hours Past Masters, Vocational Education - Kent State University
Employer City of Youngstown, Mayor
two sons- Doctor and Lawyer
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningIn seeking the Office of President of Council, it is my intent to continue working for, and assisting the taxpayers in the City of Youngstown. I will work with the next Administration with the hope and goal of continuing economically beneficial programs such as Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Initiative partnership with the White House. In addition, I will continue to support the CIRV Initiative that has helped reduce violent crime throughout the City of Youngstown.

When I took office over two years ago as Mayor, I instituted a more modern system of accountability for government employees. I will push to monitor the time clocks that were installed throughout City Hall and other City offices, as well the GPS units that were installed in most City Vehicles.

I will support and work with the next Administration to continue Code Enforcement and Demolition in City neighborhoods. I will stress the importance of a strong police presence, as well as continued efforts through prosecutor hearings, which have increased the number of rundown private homes being demolished.

I will use my position as President of Council as more of a Councilperson-at-Large position. In doing so, I will continue to respond to telephone calls and represent the will of the people of the City of Youngstown. I will work to ensure that the positive changes that we have instituted continue with the ultimate goal of making certain that government serves all the people. Returning to the office of President of Council will provide a vehicle from which I can ensure that accountability, consistency and progress continue to move the City of Youngstown forward for all is citizens.
Priorities My priorities as President of Council will be to work with the next Administration and City Council to advance the agenda that I established as Mayor to benefit all city residents. I will exercise my knowledge and influence as President of Council to work with the new Administration on improving neighborhoods through Code Enforcement and Demolition. I will lobby for a continuation of the modern standards that we have implemented to maintain government accountability. I will urge that the police presence in the neighborhoods be strong and that the innovative police tactics I initiated be maintained while advocating a strong economic development program to increase jobs for the Youngstown community as well as the Mahoning Valley. I have always had a open door policy no matter what office I have held and I will continue to do so in the position of President of Council in order to represent the people's will and guarantee that the improvements made in City government continue to assist all the people.
QualificationsAbove you will find a description of my professional and academic history. Most notable among that list is my service as Mayor and previous President of Council. The fact that I have twice served in the position that I now seek reinforces my ability to perform the job of President of Council. I have a proven track record of efficiency serving as President of Council.

The two primary duties of President of Council are to preside over Council meetings and to be capable of stepping into the position of Mayor should the need arise. My lengthy history as President of Council establishes by ability to keep the meeting process running smoothly as a result of the respect that I have among, and for, the councilpersons, department heads, employees and city residents. Likewise, my service as Mayor proves my ability to step seamlessly into that position in case of emergency without need of any long learning process or acclimation period.
Offices Sought President of Council, Youngstown City Council (2006-2011)
President of Council, Youngstown City Council (1990-2002)
5th Ward Councilperson, Youngstown City Council (1984-1990)
Offices Held Mayor, City of Youngstown (2011-Present)
President of Council, Youngstown City Council (2006-2011)
President of Council, Youngstown City Council (1990-2002)
5th Ward Councilperson, Youngstown City Council (1984-1990)