Brian Governor

Running for
ResidenceCanfield, OH
EducationGraduated- Liberty High School 1985 Graduated- Thiel College BA - Political Science/Communications
EmployerP & W Marketing/Prime Business Solutions
755 Boardman Canfield Rd. J4
Boardman, Ohio 44512

24 years
FamilyWife- Melinda
Daughters- Olivia (18) and Meredith (10)

Married 19 years
Family in office?n/a
Reasons for runningA little more than two years ago, the current Trustees voted to nullify an agreement with the Canfield Soccer Club, a non-profit organization committed to the youth of Canfield and surrounding communities over a late payment of $10,000. Instead of picking up the phone and reaching out to the Soccer Club President, (full disclosure- I am the Soccer Club President)I believe they knowingly let this issue linger for months so that they could try to justify nullifying an agreement that their legal counsel created and reviewed. This agreement between the Canfield Soccer Club and Canfield Township allows the Soccer Club to have priority scheduling of the Township Park fields for 15 years in exchange for the $50,000 contribution.

It should be noted that the Soccer Club, a volunteer driven organization in middle of changing officers, was in fact late on one of five payments but realized the oversight and paid without any notification from the Township and not until after that payment was made did the Trustees notify the Soccer Club that they were nullifying the agreement that in fact did not specify any penalty for late payment.

Since this fiasco, I have attended every Board Meeting for more than two years and was shocked to find that meetings would not have a printed agenda or copies of minutes. In addition, the Township website was taken down and still is not up even being asked about it in January of this year. This website should serve as a vital communication tool to residents and businesses that may be interested in the Township. In addition to poor communication with the Township residents, this pattern extends to Township employees as well. The Township needs to hear from all employees in order take advantage of any savings opportunities, new ideas and keep the budget in line. The current climate is quite adversarial and is not good for the Township.

There are even bigger issues: Townships all over the state are going to have budget problems in the next few years with cuts to the Local Government Fund, the phase out of the tangible personal property tax and the elimination of the estate tax. Canfield Township is going to have to budget very efficiently, seek any and all federal grants avaiable and collaborate and be creative with other like entities to drive down cost on everything from office supplies to asphalt.

I love the Canfield community and I am just not happy with the way things are being run so I plan to do something about it!

Priorities -Budget Budget Budget...the Township budget and will need to watched closely
the next few years. Money from the State is drying up and the Trustees in
co-operation with the Fiscal Officer, Township Administrator, and all Township employees will need to work closely together and take advantage of any and all savings opportunities. We will need to watch our expenditures closely.

-Eliminate a few of the eyesores that plaque the Township especially
the old Flower Mill Property

-Build and strengthen the relationship between the City of Canfield and
other Townships. This will be vital for joint projects.

-Get the Township website up and functioning which should include copies
of minutes and You Tube Videos of meetings for residents to watch if the
want to.

-Work to put a fence around the retention pond at the park- it is dangerous
and someone is going to get hurt. A great majority of the fence has been donated and is sitting at the Messerly Road Township facility.

-Make sure that the Community Building at the Park is opened. It has been sitting dormant for the last 4 years while these trustees have
done little to get it opened.

-Not a real fan of only letting resident speak for 3 minutes at the beginning of the meeting then have to sit silently. I understand the need for efficient meetings but if a resident has question during the meeting they should get to speak within reason. I would allow this.

-Continue working on projects currently in work such as: The Tippecanoe Storm Sewer Project, Westbury, Abbey Road, Township Park expansion and others.

-I will not spend money to put up signs that say "YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK"
just because it is an election year.

QualificationsCanfield Township deserves the best leadership it can get and I
feel that my 25 years of Business knowledge and Community Service makes me the best choice.

Personal - Thiel College - BA Political Science/Communications
- Township resident 18+ years
- Married to Melinda 19 years
- (2) daughters - Olivia now at YSU and Meredith at CVMS
- Member Old North Church - Canfield

Active Rotarian 16+ years (Boardman and Canfield)
-Honored by receiving Paul Harris Fellow
-Chair, Pancake Breakfast 8+ years raising almost $100,000
-Chair, Food Baskets to the Needy

Regional Chamber active member 20+ years -Youngest ever elected President Niles Area Chamber
-Past Board Member and chair of many committees all focused on local
and regional economic development.
-Honored be receiving “Chamber Member of the Year in 2007”

Canfield Area Business Council
-Chair for the last 8+ years focused on co-operation between Canfield
businesses, government entities and schools.

Business Owner / President
-Owner and President of P & W Marketing a 35 year marketing company.
Assumed ownership after death of father in 1995 and grew into a
multi-million dollar business.
-Co-owner MyWay Stables a horse training facility in Canfield
-National Award "Member of the Year 2007" for bringing together hundreds
of business owners to discuss better business practices in the Print
and Marketing industry.

Community Award
-40 Under 40 Nominee and Top 5 Award Winner by the Community
Foundation for years of philanthropic services to the entire region.

-President and Board member Canfield Soccer Club for 10+ years.
Oversee operations of this 501(c)3 that has over 650 players per year
and takes in more than $50,000 per year.
-Lead negotiator with Canfield Township Trustees to re-write and
finalize contract for the Soccer Club to play at the Township Park.
-Coach for recreational and competitive players for 10+ years

Offices Sought No other political office
but I was Vice President of my class at Thiel. I had to run for that.
Offices Held n/a