Bob Dean (Democrat)

Running for
ResidenceWarren, OH
Education Warren G. Harding H.S (grad) U.S. Air Force Community College Maxwell Ala. (AA Degree) Eastern Washington State (Crs. work) University of Houston (
EmployerPresident Warren City Council
Family Nedra Dean (Wife)
Brian Dean (son)
Taigi Dean (son)
Ayanna Dean (daughter)
Family in office? NONE
Reasons for running Best candidate.
Most experienced
Established record while serving as Councilmember-at-Large.

Most important to SERVE whether in the seat or just as important
throughout the community. Serving during tragedies, veterans, youth events,
inner city children, State Boards, County Boards as well as local boards,
the operative word is SERVE.I continue to SERVE at each level.
Priorities To continue to conduct City Council meetings in a business like respectful manner.
To support initiatives both private sector and municipal fostering greater business activity in the Warren/Trumbull County area.
To continue to serve on the Trumbull County Land Bank focusing attention on cleaning up our city, while offering "side lot" programs as well as "first time home ownership" programs.
My recent efforts to develop a "River-walk" project.
Qualifications20 years military service, 10 at "Command Level" with responsibility reaching from Iceland to Panama. Creating programs adopted USAF wide.

Serving as a Director in the fourth largest city in the country. At the same time being recognized nationally (Presidential Award, National Jefferson Award, Congressional Award) while forming organizations geared toward reducing the tremendous level of inner city youth unemployment.
Positions on the issues Not a supporter of national issues with negative impact upon Social Security recipients, students and the military (wounded warriors, un-employed )in particular.
Need to keep a close eye on the local drilling projects.
Locally, safety is always my first concern...both for our community as a whole and for all safety forces. Ex. we recently had a shooting where the bad guys had AK 47's the TWO responding officers had only their service pistols. With the installation of our new police chief, I am hoping for a genuine well thoughout, and planned Police/Community pro-active crime prevention program.
Offices Sought Elected Warren City Council-at-Large (March 2004-2011)
Elected President Warren City Council(November 2011)
Offices Held SAME AS ABOVE