Bill Valentino

Running for
ResidenceCampbell, OH
EducationGraduate of Campbell Memorial High School
EmployerSelf employed Valentinos Construction
FamilySharon Valentino, wife
Family in office?none
Reasons for runningTo address the decline in school enrollment.
To keep our current excellence rating through continued scholastic achievement. To have a better working relationship with our teachers and administration.
Priorities The decline in the enrollment in our schools is of much concern to me. I will work to try to keep our children in Campbell City Schools.
Better relationship with our teachers is very important.
QualificationsLife long resident.
Active in community
Successful business owner.
Positions on the issues The economics involved in the decline in school enrollment. We must work to keep our children in Campbell schools, thereby increasing our operating finances.
To keep our school system in a positive light and improve working conditions with our teachers, for the future of our children.
Offices Sought none
Offices Held none