Bill Johnson (Republican)

Running for
ResidencePoland, OH
EducationBS in Computer Science - 1979, Troy University, Troy, Alabama (Summa Cum Laude) MS in Computer Science - 1984, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
EmployerStoneridge, Inc. - Headquartered in Warren, Ohio. I am the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
FamilySpouse: LeeAnn Johnson
Children: Joshua, Jessica, Julie and Nathan
Family in office?No.
Time in area4 Years. We have family in Ohio...down in Washington County. With a militarycareer, I lived all over the U.S. And, after serving my country for nearly 27 years, I've earned the right to live wherever I want. When the opportunity to locate to the Mahoning Valley came along...we jumped at it. And, we chose the Mahoning Valley because we couldn't think of a better place to raise a family. We love it here...we're here because we WANT to be here. While many others are leaving due to economic and other factors, we choose to live here, get involved, and make a difference.
Reasons for runningThe very character of of our nation is at risk. Our federal government is moving perilously far away from the constitutional principles upon which we were founded. Our government is incurring debt we can't fund, and creating an economy that is non-competitive on a global scale. Small business used to be the life spring of this nation, and today businesses are being strangled by a federal government that burdens them with unfunded mandates, unfair competition, and undue regulation. I can't sit on the sidelines when I believe I have the leadership experience, integrity, and character to make a difference. I want to restore the trust American's use to
have in their elected officials, by demonstrating that private sector innovation wins out over big government, that fiscal responsibility wins out over more debt, and making tough spending decisions wins out over higher taxes.
Priorities 1) Jobs: The stimulus programs have failed us, and unemployment has doubled under Charlie Wilson’s leadership.

2) Spur Small Business Growth & Innovation: I’ll work with small business owners to stop the federal government from burdening them with unfunded mandates, protect them from unfair competition, and put and end to undue government regulation.

3) Curb Government Spending & Lower Taxes: This means getting the budget under control and lowering taxes which will result in real economic growth. The federal government should be walking along side small businesses, not out front…and, the federal government should be encouraging small businesses, not riding on their backs.

4) Put our Federal Government back in line with the constitutional principles that made us great, including standing strong on national defense, protecting our nation's borders, and revitalizing an economy that will sustain America as the economic leader of the world.
QualificationsAlthough I have never held a public office before, I have the leadership experience and qualifications to be a successful congressman. I was born and raised on the farm...a life that molded my character and taught me the values of responsibility and hard work. I served my country for nearly 27 years in the US Air Force, during which I held very senior executive positions. As a senior officer and commander, I sent our nation's young people into harms way, so I know the cost of freedom...and, it is not free. I worked with congressional offices, senior defense department officials, and senior officials of our nations intelligence agencies in the performance of my job as a decision maker. After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1999, I co-founded two successful small, I know the struggles of making payroll. As Chief Information Officer for a global,publicly traded automotive and transportation industry supplier, I am a C-level executive with responsibility for people, profits, and budgets. I've worked hard over the last two years to help the people of founding the Ohio Sales Tax Reform Incentive.

From the ground up, I built the grassroots support for this organization with the goal of stopping the flood of Ohio jobs and revenues across the border into Pennsylvania, where they have no sales tax on clothing. Facing opposition along the way, I was ultimately successful in getting sponsorship for legislation to create two sales tax holidays in in August and one in December. This legislation, called House Bill 285, was introduced in September 2009, and it will create retail jobs, save the jobs we have, allow hard working Ohioans to keep more of their hard earned money, and at the same time produce approximately $250 Million in additional sales tax revenue for the state of Ohio. This is the kind of results focused leadership the people
of Ohio deserve...and, I have the ability to take that leadership to Washington on behalf of the people of Eastern Ohio.
Positions on the issues 2nd Amendment:I am a firm believer in the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment right of Americans to bear arms. I am a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Our justice system should punish those who abuse their rights, but we shouldn’t restrict one of law-abiding citizens’ most fundamental rights as expressed in the US Constitution. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is behind only free speech because our founding fathers felt it was that important.

Tax Relief/Reform: Reducing taxes is essential to ensure America’s economic recovery. This means balancing the budget and reducing the size of government. When Americans are allowed to keep more of their hard earned money, confidence will be restored, wealth will accumulate, businesses will flourish, and jobs will be created. I founded a tax reform organization – the Ohio Sales Tax Reform Incentive - that resulted in legislation that would create two sales tax holidays to benefit working families.

Economic Stimulus: America has always prospered through the practice of free enterprise. It’s the only consistent generator of wealth and economic opportunity. The stimulus programs have grown government and added to the entitlement mindset already prevalent in our society. Democrats promised that their trillion-dollar stimulus bill would reduce unemployment, but it failed. In Ohio’s 6th district our unemployment has risen well above the national average. Reducing the size of government and cutting taxes are the true stimuli.

Abortion: I am pro-life, and I oppose abortion except in the case of rape, incest, and when the mother's life is in danger. Additionally, I support parental notification and a ban on partial birth abortions.

Health Care: There are certainly health care issues to deal with. But a public option as pushed by Democrats is not the answer. Here are three ideas that would significantly improve health care in a responsible manner: 1) provide tax incentives for Americans who invest in HSAs; 2) Pass tort reform to reduce frivolous law suits that are driving the cost for Doctors to practice; 3) make health care portable between jobs and inter-state.

Stem-cell Research: I do not support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, both because I believe it to be immoral, and because results have proven it does not work. However, I do support autologous stem cell research (i.e. using one’s own cells).

The War in Iraq: The war on terror is being fought to protect the United States. It must be fought, and it must be won. However, victory may not be defined in conventional terms, and we must understand that the war will be long and costly. It will take new strategies and we must depend on the military leaders on the ground overseas to drive that strategy.

Free Trade: Free trade only works if the countries involved have similar economic concepts, goals, and capabilities (e.g., US & Great Britain, US & Canada). Free trade does not work well between the US and undeveloped or third-world countries. What America needs is fair trade - policies that will protect American businesses from unfunded mandates, unfair competition, and undue government regulation.

Immigration: There must be a process that balances America’s legacy as a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world, and the very real need to protect our homeland and our citizens. We must secure, protect, and control our borders – it’s a matter of national security. Those having a legitimate claim for permanent citizenship must pursue it in timely fashion. But, until immigrants are naturalized, they shouldn’t be entitled to the same rights as citizens.

Definition of Marriage/Family Issues: From a personal view, I believe in a traditional definition of marriage
being between one man and one woman. I believe the gay marriage movement undermines the integrity of the American family. That said, it is a states’ rights issue and not one that the federal government is responsible or qualified to administer. I would oppose any effort to repeal Ohio’s constitutional amendment that outlaws gay marriage.