From Randy Wolfe of Poland: "Meet Bear. As a mailman ...

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Special to The Vindicator | published: June 30, 2011

From Randy Wolfe of Poland: "Meet Bear. As a mailman on the city's South Side, I would take my afternoon break on the street where Bear lived. I was amazed to see him as a 10-month-old puppy; he truly looked like a bear cub. I would toss him treats, as he was tied to a cinder block in the lot next to his owner's house. To my amazement, his owners moved and untied him to fend for himself. I watched him lying at the door of the house, waiting for them to come home. I watched this for several days, then I realized I needed to go get him. So armed with only food and water, a friend and I went there, and I brought him home with me. That was four years ago. People say to me, "He's lucky you came and got him." But the truth is, Bear is such a fun, loyal and loving dog, he's taught me to be a dog lover. Now I say, "I'm lucky he came along."

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