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Special to The Vindicator | published: June 30, 2011

Debbie and Harry Deeley Fowler adopted Boo Radley, 4, right, in December 2007 from the Trumbull County Animal Shelter when he was 3 months old. Harry says: "In September 2007 we lost our Lab/Pit Bull mix at 6 years old to leukemia. My wife was devastated, as she loved her dog Buddy. I saw an article in The Vindicator the week of Dec. 11 that the Trumbull County Shelter was having an open house. My wife was reluctant to get another dog, as no one could replace Buddy. I drove to the shelter to look at the dogs that were available. I saw the cutest little puppy with a black eye and ear that a little boy was holding. The boy told me that he was taking the puppy home for a birthday present. I wish I could have taken that dog, but alas he was taken. I told my wife that night about the cute little white puppy I wish I could have had and about the other dogs. She finally agreed to go to the shelter with me. Once we got to the shelter we were looking around and guess what? The little white puppy was there in the crate! I told my wife that that was the pup I told her about, and she liked him too. The people the day before were denied for some reason, and the puppy was available once again! It must have been meant to be. The rest is history and we love our Boo Radley! Here he is pictured driving Sam.

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