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Special to The Vindicator | published: June 2, 2011

My name is Winky because I was born with only one eye. I am 3 ears old and have a "heart" on my chest and "Mickey Mouse ears" on my paw. Someone abandoned me in a railroad yard. I had to live on birds and rodents. Winter came and it was a very cold winter. I found some shelter in a large pipe. The pipe was not warm enough, and I left to find a warmer place. I did not find one, and I began to freeze. A nice man saw me frozen in the snow and took me to a building. He fed me, too, and, boy, was I hungry! I soon warmed up and went on my way. I saw this nice man often, and he would whistle for me. I would stop what I was doing and run to him because I knew he would have a piece of chicken for me. One day this nice man decided to take me home! I now live with a family with two Maltese dogs. I have lived here now for 2 years. I am very happy, and I am a good cat because I know I was given a second chance. I spend my day playing (gently) with the two dogs and looking out my favorite window. My rescuer is Mickey Drabison, Youngsown.

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