Cocco is one of two cats Sally H. of Boardman ...

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Special to The Vindicator | published: June 2, 2011

Cocco is one of two cats Sally H. of Boardman adopted from Angels for Animals a little over 10 years ago. They have changed her life and became her second "family." Although they are brother and sister, you can't tell; they don't look or act at all alike, but they have trained her quite well, a fact to which most of my friends can attest. They provide her with love and devotion and are great "watch dogs" who wake up and growl should anyone approach the house at any time — day or night. She knows when they settle back down that they are all safe. Cocco also lets her know when a storm is approaching; she runs and hides and won't come out until it's over. They make her laugh with their antics. Cocco enjoys opening drawers, especially the ones that house their "toys." If she could just train them to put their toys back when they are done! Her life would be incomplete and boring without them to share it with.

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