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4 bedroom, 3 bath


3 bedroom, 3 bath


4 bedroom, 3 bath

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Published: September 17, 2010

Kimm Koocher, owner of the Cat Ladies Society, stands behind a climbing tree in the society’s empty new shelter at 2217 Mahoning Ave., where humane agents seized all 90 cats under a search warrant in a Wednesday raid.

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1gremlingrl78(1 comment)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

It's just too bad when the humane agent and Animal Charity run over groups that are making a clear attempt to help adopt cats out. They had no reason to pull the shelter apart as soon as they moved into a new facility that would have helped the cats. And I am SO TIRED of Animal Charity KILLING so many animals BEFORE another veterinarian from another agency can check out the animals. Do you realize that Animal Charity kills just about all the ill animals it gets in IMMEDIATELY so that nobody can verify the condition of the animals. But if it suits their purpose they will keep an animal alive to help anger the public if it works for them. Example. The PitBull they found almost dead tied with a chain was clearly in need of immediate euthanasia, (white gums) yet they kept the poor animal alive as long as they could to anger all of the people they could. Animal charity kills without hesitation unless it works for them to keep the animals alive. Now that they have put the Cat Lady Society cats down, nobody can be called in by a judge for a second opinion. Someone needs to put Animal Charity and their overzealous PETA minded mentality workers on a leash of their own. And I'm sorry, but 20 hours of training does not make a humane agent. I've seen children with more knowledge and better judgment then their humane agents. Work with the Cat Lady Society and monitor them. But don't take another group trying to help adopt cats out ....out of the picture. The more Animal Charity and their Humane Agents keep working in the way they do... the more clear it becomes that it is egos and politics involved. Not everyone should keep the authority they have been given if it is abused.

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2p15828(7 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

So let me get this logic right: Okay, there are some issues with odors and maybe a few sick cats. So the solution is to take all 90 cats and gas them. The same logic of the Warsaw Ghetto.

I am an advocate for the rights of animals, but ...these PETA people are often illogical lame-brains, usually with no understanding of what ecology really means, or any understanding of resource use and conservation. We live in dark times.

But hey kids, remember: Spay and neuter your humans.

Have any of you read the paper "Why the garden Club Couldn't Save Youngstown"? There's also a book by the same author. The gist is that various groups of people in Youngstown can never get along long enough to get anything done. Everybody... has mapped out their own sandbox and this particularly true of groups already in power. I am up here teaching in the North, far away now and let me tell you folks, not everywhere is like Youngstown.

My point is, Kimm is a big-hearted lady trying to do good work. Will anyone give her some support and help? What's being done to here is a tragedy. But it seems to be business as usual in a town that accepts corruption as a way of life and watches "The Sopranos" as if it were a guide to business ethics.
-- Doug

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3Ariel(18 comments)posted 4 years, 8 months ago

I am extremely saddened for Kimm and the other volunteers. They are good people and don’t deserve this injustice. I've worked with them in the past and have always had the impression that they are very concerned about the physical, medical and emotional well being of the animals in their care. They take care of the sick cats, give them medication, send them to their vet regularly, and are very responsible. They have them spayed and neutered and tested for diseases.

They know they have limitations, but they never stop trying. They give their lives, money, time, and hearts to the cats and kittens. We need more people like the Cat Ladies in this world.

Unlike Animal Charity, the Cat Ladies feel that every cat deserves a chance. Cat colds are cured with antibiotics. Every shelter has problems with respiratory illnesses--just like schools that house sick kids. Viruses spread due to the close quarters of the institutional environment.

And Cat Ladies DID quarantine their sick cats. Animal Charities did not. The so-called “humane” agents put sick cats and healthy cats together in the same carriers and threw them, unsecured, on the back of a pickup truck during the raid. If they were so concerned about these cats, why didn't they separate them or transport them "in accordance with medical protocol?"

I visited the Cat Ladies' new facility, and it's beautiful, and that's what makes me so sad. The Cat Ladies people--who are “misfits” themselves because of their age and various handicaps--are caring people who just want to give society's "misfit cats" a chance at a happy life.

Would you kill your family member if he/she had a cold? Would you kill your family member if he/she had a disability or was disfigured in some way? Don't animals deserve that same consideration--especially from a self-proclaimed "humane charity?"

Animal Charity is quoted as saying the Cat Ladies shouldn't have spent their money on a new location. But the new location was an attempt to IMPROVE conditions for the animals. There's nothing self-serving about that new facility. It's clearly designed for the well being and happiness of the cats, and it's triple the size of the old location.

Now, I need a few things explained to me. Vindy reporters, here’s your chance at some investigative journalism!

How does the Animal Charity have the authority to shut down a competing charity? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that's a major conflict of interest.

Is it a just a coincidence that a large donation was given to Cat Ladies Society just weeks before the raid?

Why is it acceptable for a probate judge to sign a warrant for "humane" officers?

How can Animal Charity, an organization in violation of BBB standards of accountability, have law enforcement authority? They refuse to disclose to the BBB where they get their funding.

Something's very rotten on 3722 South Ave. Let's find out who the REAL criminals are in this case.

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