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Special to The Vindicator | published: November 3, 2009

Special to The Vindicator REUNITED: On Oct. 3, The David Anderson High School Class of 1969, of Lisbon, had an impromptu gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their graduation. The event, which took place at Mark’s Landing at Guilford Lake, was a casual afternoon gathering. It was organized by Mary Beth Boso, Sarah Nicholson Haines and Saunie Pickens Hall. The class had 99 graduates. Twenty-four of them were able to attend the reunion. From left to right, seated, are Gary Haney, Curt Bacon, Dave Hughes and Saunie Pickens Hall. In the second row are Janette Buckley Pettigrew, Mary Kennedy Melhorn, Mary Ann Belaney Burton, Mary Beth Boso, and Carol Lewton Deichler. In the third row are Greg Hall, Sarah Nicholson Haines, Bill Pahanish, Bunny Ieropoli, Cathy Sinsley Nicholson, Melinda Loch Belaney, Betsy Blocksom Barringer, and Alana Bittner. Rounding out the alumni, in the fourth row, are Lee McMillan, Randy Muntean, Dave Belaney, Allan Neel, Jim Crosser, Bud Martin, and Harry Fowler.

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