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Weather damage has insurance, tree companies busy

High winds and heavy rain caused damage to homes and businesses throughout the Mahoning Valley.

Snow Day 2? Forecasters say additional 1 to 5 inches possible

Staff report YOUNGSTOWN The snow should stop falling by this afternoon, but is expected to cause

Morning commute to be slick and slow

“This isn’t a bad snowstorm where you need to get bread and milk,” said Andrew DiPaolo, 21 WFMJ-TV meteorologist, The Vindicator’s broadcast partner. “This is mainly for travel [this morning] and Wednesday morning. If you’re going to be on the road, it’s going to be slick, so drive slowly.”

March weather roars, downing trees, power lines in Valley

Numerous roads closed because of fallen power lines

Cold returns to Valley after winter deluge of rain

A car sprays puddled rainwater while traveling along Glenwood Avenue in Youngstown Thursday.

Florida storm rocks Valley natives

One former Valley resident said St. Augustine, Fla., was basically under water late Friday

Valley residents worry for family in Matthew's path

Lailoni Kent, 8, of Lake Worth, Fla., screams when the pull of the wave was stronger than she thought while playing with her family on Lantana Beach while Hurricane Matthew created big waves Thursday in Lantana, Fla.

Residents can cool off at Arlington Heights Rec Center this weekend

Youngstown City officials opened the Arlington Heights Recreation Center to residents in need of a cool place to go Saturday afternoon.

Gusts at Youngstown-Warren Regional peaked at 45 mph

Electricity was expected to be restored by late Thursday night.

Most Youngstown businesses shoveled snow from downtown sidewalks

But there were a few problems.

Valley recovers from 2016's 1st major snowstorm

Jamie Rice of Canfield joined most Valley residents Tuesday in trying to remove wet, heavy snow. Sometimes a shovel was necessary for digging out cars. There were some highway mishaps, too, and some motorists, got stuck trying to enter business parking lots.

READY FOR SNOW? Most will see 4-8 inches

READY FOR SNOW? Most will see 4-8 inches