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Proper watering

Proper watering Save time and money by watering correctly. You’ll also make your plants happier.

Leave clippings on your lawn

Leave clippings on your lawn To avoid clumps on your lawn, mow when it is dry. Sharpening your

Nasturtiums make a comeback to the garden

By MARILYN McKINLEY OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer CANFIELD Another old-fashioned flower

Ash borers still here

Q. Is ash borer still a problem in our area? Is there any research going on relating to this

These bloomers are hosts to larvae of endangered species of butterflies LUPINES

By PAM BAYTOS OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer CANFIELD I love planting these tall


GUIDED HERB WALK When: Today, 11 a.m. to noon What: Drop in and learn about herbs grown at the

Zinnias add easy color to your garden GO ANNUAL

By Michael McBride OSU Extension master gardener volunteer CANFIELD As you begin to clean up

Check for ticks

Check for ticks As you enjoy the outdoors, be sure to wear long pants in areas where vegetation is

Growing and pruning grapes

Growing and pruning grapes Grapes should not be planted on overhead trellis structures but on

Myths about cicadas, our longest-living insect

By Katie Kane Shipka OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer CANFIELD By now you are hearing the

Try a rain garden in a wet area

Q. I take great pride in my flower and vegetable gardens, except for one huge area where I have a


CICADAS! When: May 28, 6 to 7:30 p.m. What: Learn all about the 17-year cicada that is emerging

Choose new trees and sites carefully

Plant for permanence By Marilyn McKinley OSU Master Gardener Volunteer Trees are wonderful.

Carnation, the beautiful state flower of Ohio

By Eileen W. NOVOTNY OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Oh, how my mother-in-law loved

Dividing daffodils

Dividing daffodils If your daffodil blooms are fewer than usual, it’s time to divide them. This