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Why do cicadas sing?

Q. Why do cicadas sing? Stan from Berlin Center A. If you have cicadas in your area this year,

This flower has some real power GAZANIA

By STEPHANIE HUGHES OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer CANFIELD While walking through my

Jubilee Gardens Tour

Jubilee Gardens Tour When: Monday, 6 to 8 p.m. What: Join us at Jubilee Gardens to learn about

Ants got you worried?

Ants got you worried? There are many species of ants in Ohio. Not all of them are carpenter ants.

Growing and pruning grapes

Growing and pruning grapes Grapes should not be planted on overhead trellis structures, but

She shed: Garden retreat and garden storage

By PAM BAYTOS OSU Extension master gardener volunteer CANFIELD A true she shed is a retreat.

Create a rainbow in your yard

BTake a stroll through your yard and garden this season and discover trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs and veggies

Hanging basket tips

Q. I always have challenges with hanging baskets – but this is my worst year yet. Can you give me


RAISED BED GARDENING When: Monday, 9:30 a.m. to noon. What: Interested in gardening but don’t

Don’t sweat it when sweat bees land on you

By MARILYN McKINLEY OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer and volunteer pollinator specialist

Better peonies next year

Better peonies next year Peonies were flattened by this year’s rains. Plan now to prevent disease

Learn to grow veggies

Learn to grow veggies OSU Extension’s free vegetable gardening classes at urban farms and

Last season’s notes from a gardener’s journal TOMATOES

By JOYCE KARSNAK OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer CANFIELD “Did you mulch?” was the question

How you can grow asters

Q. I’ve seen more asters in catalogues and now at the garden center. Can we grow these here? Can you

Hydrangea School

Hydrangea School When: Wednesday, 6 to 8 p.m. What: Join Eric Barrett, Ohio State University