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Naturalist Series: Teeth, Jaws & Claws

Naturalist Series: Teeth, Jaws & Claws When: Today, 6-7 p.m. What: Dale Gnidovec, OSU Orton

Birds are living dinosaurs

Birds are living dinosaurs Bring the family to learn about historic creatures and their connection

Thistle got you down?

Thistle got you down? Now is time to prepare for conquering this weed that gave you trouble last

Puddles are a sign of life in spring

By Jim Thornton Ohio certified volunteer naturalist There is much to look forward to in spring:

Finch seed not invasive thistle

Q. I want to feed the goldfinches, but I don’t want thistles all over my yard. Is there a way to do

This tasty vegetable can produce in early spring and late fall BEETS ARE TREATS

By Hugh G. EARNHART OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer The beet is the cultivated form of the

Renovating Old Flower Beds

Renovating Old Flower Beds When: Monday, 9:30 a.m.-noon. What: With winter coming to an end,

Know your plant parts

Know your plant parts To identify trees and shrubs that are dormant, understanding buds, bark,

How soon can I plant potatoes?

How soon can I plant potatoes? Don’t get too excited about planting, but you can plant in late

New corn mutants offer sweeter taste for extended time

By Hugh G. EARNHART OSU Ext. master gardener volunteer It has been a long time since our taste

Love ‘em or hate ‘em – wild violets

Q. Those purple violets will be coming up soon. What can I do to control them? Sharon from

These showstoppers come in variety of colors, shapes, sizes SUNFLOWERS

By Marilyn McKinley OSU master gardener volunteer Who doesn’t love sunflowers? Big, bright,

Champion of downtown Youngstown honored by CityScape

Richard Mills, owner of City Centre One, was presented CityScape’s Sweet Grass Roots Award at the 10th Grass Roots Gala Thursday night at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in downtown Youngstown. Mills also received a watercolor painting of the properties the Mills family owns downtown.

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Chat with a Naturalist

Chat with a Naturalist When: Today, 1-3 p.m. What: Stop by the Nature Center to chat with a

Can I still plant garlic?

Can I still plant garlic? Yes, but you will get smaller heads of garlic. When the soil is