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Anti-fracking proposal back on Youngstown ballot for 6th time; failure doesn’t faze proponents

Opinion: Two citizen-initiative charter-amendment proposals will be in front of Youngstown voters in the fall

Clinton’s supporters undaunted by candidate’s very late arrival

Opinion: There is a lot to take away from the recent Hillary Clinton rally at Youngstown’s East High School.

Trump’s promise to make US a winner resonating in Valley

Opinion: “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at

Long days at GOP convention will bring in-depth Valley views

Opinion: I’ve covered the Republican and Democratic national conventions since 2004. But I’ve done so from

It was all sweetness – and fun – at July 4th parade in Austintown

Opinion: It’s been three years since I last wrote an entire column on my favorite annual political event –

Youngstown charter review panel steers clear of controversial topics

Opinion: With a lengthy list of elected offices and likely two citizen charter-amendment initiatives for

Republicans, Democrats brace for long battle on gun control; little agreement on legislation

Opinion: Gun control – more specifically what kind of guns can be sold, who can get them and the process for

Outsider pushing charter issue for part-timers in Youngstown

Opinion: A “City of Youngstown Part-Time Workers Bill of Rights” that could be on the November ballot, has a

Portman, Strickland battle it out in Appalachia over coal and guns

Opinion: Over the years, Ted Strickland has been the rare Democrat to succeed in Southeast Ohio. The

Races for mayor, council president in Youngstown would be riveting

Opinion: Next year’s Youngstown mayoral and city council presidential races should be very interesting

Sciortino’s sentence for personal use of county’s computers fitting

Opinion: There are some people in the Mahoning Valley who believe a judge was too harsh when she sentenced

Mahoning, Trumbull counties key to Trump’s presidential bid; Clinton has history on her side

Opinion: Despite decades of Democratic dominance, Mahoning and Trumbull counties get plenty of visits from

US Senate race in Ohio between Portman, Strickland deadlocked

Opinion: Rob Portman has served as a U.S. senator for nearly five and a half years, and plenty of people in

Surprise! Ohio Gov. Kasich quits the Republican race for president

Opinion: Perhaps Ohio Gov. John Kasich was too busy enjoying his time traveling, eating and losing to

Yavorcik has suffered for crimes despite avoiding time behind bars

Opinion: “The court finds that a community control/probation sanction will adequately protect the public and