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Rep. Ryan’s decision to forgo race for Ohio governor not surprising; Dems lose well-known candidate

Opinion: Despite his interest in running for governor, most political observers never expected U.S. Rep. Tim

Black Dems in Y’town upset over embrace of only white candidates

Opinion: Race has been a political issue in Mahoning County, particularly in Youngstown, for years. It came

President Trump signs coal bill, but it didn’t happen in the Valley

Opinion: As it turned out, President Donald Trump signed a bill Thursday that coal supporters say helps the

Scramble is on to succeed judges who can’t run again due to age

Opinion: Once a judge in Ohio has been elected a couple of times, that person usually has a job for life.

Large number of candidates for president of Youngstown council is today’s political head-scratcher

Opinion: For a position that’s largely ceremonial, Youngstown council president garnered a lot of candidates.

Area state Sen. Schiavoni laying foundation for a bid for governor

Opinion: In an effort to be the Democratic nominee for governor in 2018, Ohio Senate Minority Leader Joe

Ryan gets key committee posts despite failing to topple Pelosi

Opinion: When U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan lost his bid to be House minority leader there was concern that Nancy

Value of Kasich’s political stock continues to decline within GOP

Opinion: Lame-duck politicians typically don’t wield much power. But the past few months leaves people

Mayor McNally’s criminal record may not hinder his re-election bid

Opinion: Being convicted of four criminal counts directly related to serving as a public official usually

Ryan, Schiavoni among long, long list of potential Democratic candidates for governor in 2018

Opinion: There is no shortage of potential 2018 Democratic candidates for governor, but some already seem

Ohio Treasurer Mandel seeking a rematch with US Sen. Brown

Opinion: Sherrod Brown, the liberal U.S. senator facing re-election in 2018, has a target on his back.

Rep. Ryan’s effort to lead House Democrats more bark than bite

Opinion: U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s bid to be House minority leader was a curious political move. When he

Former Niles Mayor Infante faces serious criminal charges relating to public corruption during tenure

Opinion: It’s not anyone’s place to convict someone before they are found guilty, but things certainly look

Political history made Tuesday with Trump leading the pack

Opinion: There were many interesting results from a historical Election Day. Here are some of my

Outcome of presidential election is difficult to predict, but Clinton likely won’t fare too well locally

Opinion: This is the most challenging presidential election to predict in my nearly three decades as a