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42 public entities in Valley seek local taxes as state aid dries up

Opinion: There is no shortage of communities, school districts and other government entities in Mahoning and

Candidates lining up quickly to fill unexpired term of city Judge Kobly

Opinion: Youngstown Municipal Court Judge Elizabeth Kobly’s decision to retire before her term expires didn’t

ODOT’s edict on speed cameras has local communities in a bind

Opinion: The state seems to be doing everything in its power to stop communities from using speed cameras.

Area Reps. Johnson, Ryan enjoy big advantage in campaign $$$

Opinion: When it comes to congressional campaigns, money isn’t the only thing, but it sure is important.

Youngstown city officials cannot ignore the ongoing budget crisis

Opinion: How much longer can Youngstown officials wait to take action needed to fix financial problems to

Prosecutors aren’t ready to let Yavorcik walk in Oakhill case

Opinion: In an appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, prosecutors contend Martin Yavorcik didn’t need to commit a

Youngstown’s budget crisis puts city council members in a bind

Opinion: Youngstown is facing a general-fund crisis that needs to be addressed immediately. And city

For Mahoning County political leaders, what’s old is new again

Opinion: To paraphrase The Who, in Mahoning County, it’s meet the new party bosses, same as the old party

Youngstown’s mayor, city council at loggerheads over major issues

Opinion: There were issues between Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown and members of city council before the

Schiavoni’s loss in governor’s race proves money matters in politics

Opinion: Joe Schiavoni said his struggle to raise money for his gubernatorial bid in the Democratic primary

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Yavorcik’s criminal conviction tainted, appellate judges rule

Opinion: As I sat and listened to the arguments and the comments of a three-member panel of the 8th District

Cordray scores impressive win in Democratic race for governor

Opinion: Election officials in Mahoning and Trumbull accurately predicted voter turnout in their counties

Ryan’s political message meant to connect with middle America

Opinion: Since losing his bid for House minority leader in November 2016, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan has been busy

Ohio’s top court further muddies fracking issue with new ruling

Opinion: One consistent thing about the Ohio Supreme Court when it comes to decisions about whether it’s

Despite high-profile races, low-voter turnout expected

Opinion: This quote from Stephanie Penrose, Trumbull County Board of Elections director, sums up the primary