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Vital spotlight will shine on health care in Valley at expo

Editorial: It hasn’t been all that long ago since residents of the Mahoning Valley who needed sophisticated

Meet Dr. Robot, your surgeon

Opinion: By Joe Guzzardi Cagle Cartoons Last year, I wrote a number of columns about how tough it is for

Youngstown Mayor Brown scraps raises granted by his predecessor

Opinion: “There’s never a wrong time to make a right decision.” That was the explanation then Youngstown

Protect pets from perils of deep freeze in Valley

Editorial: Today’s expected wind- chill temperature plunge into the negative 20s continues a brutally long

Are phony prophets painting an alternate global warming reality?

Opinion: By Susan Stamper Brown Cagle Cartoons On Dec. 28, President Trump wrote on Twitter: “In the

Finding hope for 2018

Opinion: By Kathryn Jean Lopez Andrews McMeel Syndication “I walked down this path lonely, sad and

Public library’s new leader is passionate about her role

Editorial: If the board of directors of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County was looking to

It’s time women spoke up

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords As we go into a new year, I have a resolution. I’m going to speak

America’s farmers in a quandary

Opinion: By Jim Hightower OtherWords Every decade or so, America’s mass media are surprised to discover

United Kingdom’s embrace of secularism has consequences

Opinion: ANGLESEY, Wales The UK Daily Mail has again published a story about a subject that has become a

Honor in the court defined the tenure of Judge Milich

Opinion: Judicial protocol dictates that judges in courts in most jurisdictions receive the moniker

Filing taxes won’t be easier

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons If only tax simplification were true. You see, one of the

When does judicial deference turn into dereliction of duty?

Opinion: WASHINGTON Wisconsin’s Supreme Court can soon right a flagrant wrong stemming from events set in

Mahoning elections board must be honest about mess

Editorial: When the Mahoning County Board of Elections meets to discuss the operational failure in the

Tips for liberals in 2018

Opinion: By Susan Stamper Brown Cagle Cartoons Because Democrats have been wandering aimlessly since the