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Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2018

Opinion: Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2018

Should online purchases be subject to state sales taxes?

Opinion: WASHINGTON South Dakota has become what South Carolina once was – stubborn, pugnacious and wrong.

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Puzzling decision in Trumbull County

Opinion: Trumbull County's new administrator came out of nowhere to land the $85,000 a year job, but insists

GM’s Lordstown complex shaken by more bad news

Editorial: The handwriting is on the wall of the massive General Motors car assembly complex in Lordstown, but

Facebook didn’t put a hex on you into voting for Donald J. Trump

Opinion: By Gene Lyons Andrews McMeel Syndication So here’s my question: If you’re all about personal

Adults must stop the bullying

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords Bullying’s been in the news a bit lately, in part because of the

2018 Relay for Life season steps out today with gusto

Editorial: Relay for Life, the mother of all community fundraisers in the nation, gets back on track in the

Cost ails health care

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons “I’m lucky to have health insurance, but I still can’t afford to

Dem hopefuls for governor avoid confrontation during the debates

Opinion: The previous Democratic gubernatorial debates have not been terribly exciting and the one held

Riverfront development brings clear ripple effects

Editorial: A key addition to Youngs- town’s ongoing urban renaissance officially took root Thursday when

Trip to opioid hell

Opinion: By Michael Reagan Cagle Cartoons I’m feeling human again, thanks. After three weeks of living

Firing Mueller would only make things worse for President Trump

Opinion: WASHINGTON “An attack on our country,” a clearly agitated President Trump said of the search of

Russia must not succeed in impeding Syria attack

Editorial: It has been five days since Syria’s evil dictator Bashar Assad launched a chemical attack on his

What’s wrong in D.C.?

Opinion: KEY LARGO, Fla. At dinner with friends, I was asked what is wrong with Washington. The question

Putin is verifiably untrustworthy

Opinion: By Donald Lambro Andrews McMeel Syndication WASHINGTON Timing is critical in both statecraft