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Will our leaders lead?

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons Celebrating the holidays with friends and family the past few

Democrats are already jockeying for 2020 presidential nomination

Opinion: WASHINGTON It has begun. The field of candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination

Strike deal on Dreamers

Editorial: Columbus Dispatch: It’s depressing — but also fitting — that the new Congress has come to town in

Resolve to help our planet by giving up on straws

Editorial: Canton Repository: Whether you’re still looking for a resolution you can keep through 2019 or you

Changes made in college football playoff selections confusing and misguided

Opinion: Changes made in college football playoff selections confusing and misguided College football fans

Today’s Germany is the best Germany the world has seen

Opinion: BERLIN In one of contemporary history’s intriguing caroms, European politics just now is a story

2019: A year of reckoning for the city of Youngstown

Editorial: In early 2018, we opined that Youngstown’s new mayor, Jamael Tito Brown, would have no choice but to

Pelosi takes Ryan to school

Opinion: A day before her mother, Nancy Pelosi, was again sworn in as speaker of the U.S. House of

National president of sorority speaks in the Valley on Jan. 19

Opinion: Beverly E. Smith will speak at the Delta Sigma Theta’s 2019 Founder’s Day luncheon at YSU’s Kilcawley Center.

Attack of credit card machine

Opinion: By Danny Tyree Cagle Cartoons I knew it wasn’t just me! In recent weeks I’ve overheard

Happy Kwanzaa! Special holiday in US brought to you by the FBI

Opinion: By Ann Coulter Andrews McMeel Syndication The day after Christmas, President Donald Trump issued

Shutdown playing havoc with lives of Americans

Editorial: For many of us, especially those far removed from the hyperpolitical haze inside the Washington

Relocate federal agencies from DC

Opinion: By Brian Wakamo OtherWords Americans of all political stripes distrust the federal government.

Keep YARS, Camp Garfield on the front burner in the Valley

Opinion: By Vito Abruzzino The Vindicator During the past 12 to 18 months, much has happened concerning

Mahoning County’s high eviction rate defies fast fix

Editorial: It should come as no great surprise to anyone casually familiar with the demographics of our region