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Celebrate area’s Irish pride at 40th St. Patrick’s parade

Editorial: Irish roots run extremely deep throughout the Mahoning Valley. Indeed they stretch back centuries

Campbell’s successful formula to fight blight

Editorial: Much like its immediate neighbor to its west, the city of Campbell has been through the wringer

President should implement steel and aluminum tariffs

Editorial: One of the most fiery and contentious battles of the presidency of Donald J. Trump has exploded over

Sensible gun-control laws receiving serious attention

Editorial: The recent massacre of 17 students and educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in

Medicaid pays for vital health services to 3 million Ohioans, among them the oldest and youngest

Editorial: Medicaid pays for vital health services to 3 million Ohioans, among them the oldest and youngest

Open Youngstown schools contract talks to the public

Editorial: Many years ago, Youngs- town Mayor Patrick Ungaro, confronting a major budget crisis and

Re-evaluate the need for Trumbull administrator

Editorial: In a surprising turn of events Friday, The Vindicator in this space urged newly hired Trumbull

Trumbull administrator must now prove his worth

Editorial: Despite the misgivings of this newspaper and many others, the hiring of Mike Matas as Trumbull

Dems restore reputation of FBI in Russian probe

Editorial: If there’s one big difference between the partisan classified memos released by the House

Move cooperative spirit of Olympics onto field of international diplomacy

Editorial: Just as we had predicted 19 days ago at the start of the 23rd Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South

Sensible gun laws won’t kill Second Amendment

Editorial: We fully support the Second Amendment but ... we also believe children have a right to go to

HEAP helps people keep the home fires burning

Editorial: In announcing his plan to eliminate funding for a federal program that helps people – especially

Y’town mayor should nix purchase of a new vehicle

Editorial: At first glance, we were willing to support Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown’s decision to drive

Rev. Billy Graham earned title of ‘America’s pastor’SFlb

Editorial: From paupers to presidents, those inspired, enriched and transformed by the preachings of the Rev.

Compassion of the Valley shines in success of UW

Editorial: Three cheers are in order FOR the slew of individuals, companies, foundations, unions and other