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Trump hijacks 4th of July with pretentious display

Editorial: Washington Post: In recent weeks, readers have written letters to The Post recounting their memories

4th of July milestone years

Editorial: We turned 150 years old on June 25, and to commemorate this milestone, we have featured on this

Ohio lawmakers have no excuse for budget inaction

Editorial: Columbus Dispatch: With the possible exception of high-priced lobbyists who bill by the hour, no one

Charlottesville terrorist gets a break with life sentence

Editorial: There’s no difference between the Charlottesville, Va., terrorist and the Sept. 11, 2001,

G20 summit hits low bar for unity among nations

Editorial: The Financial Times of London: G20 summits are falling into a pattern. Osaka, Japan, this weekend

Ryan’s presidential bid in need of a shot in the arm

Editorial: After A lackluster perfor- mance in the first Democratic presidential debate last week, Mahoning

New super bodes well for new era in A’town schools

Editorial: It’s long been no big secret that the relationship between the recently retired chief administrator

Tonight is only the start for YFA’s positive impact

Editorial: 2Those lyrics from one of the biggest smash hits by tonight’s national headliner at the Youngstown

Trump gives Saudi prince pass on Khashoggi slaying

Editorial: By refusing to allow the FBI to investigate the assassination of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal

Hype aside, Miami debates won’t wield much impact

Editorial: The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, Calif.: Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as the

Word from The Vindicator

Editorial: The Vindicator’s commitment to exposing public corruption, power- brokering and influence peddling

State should not bail out old nuclear power plants

Editorial: First Energy Solutions, which expects the state of Ohio to save its financially ailing Perry and

We should work to bring elder abuse out of shadows

Editorial: Krishmu Shipmon sounded the alarm loudly and clearly last week on the pervasive scope of pernicious

Daniel deserves no parole in horrible Warren crime

Editorial: In the annals of crime his- tory in Trumbull County, the cold-blooded murder of 65-year-old George

Trump’s insistence Iran would fold is not evident

Editorial: A year after the president assured allies that U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement would