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Authorize plan, end threat of Asian carp to Lake Erie

Editorial: After four long years of study, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently released a comprehensive

Saudis still getting a pass on the Khashoggi murder

Editorial: Shortly after he accused former President Barack Obama of “misguided” thinking that diminished the

Help prevent doomsday for recycling in America

Editorial: Toledo Blade: For more than a generation, we’ve been training ourselves to separate paper and

Youngstown Plan a key factor in Kasich’s legacy

Editorial: 2So said Gov. John R. Kasich in the fall of 2014 about the academically crippled Youngstown City

New Legislature, governor must put focus on e-schools

Editorial: Columbus Dispatch: Ohio has spent years shoring up regulation and oversight of its charter schools,

Trump can keep pledge to Valley with new steel mill

Editorial: In July 2017, just months into his presidency, Republican Donald Trump ventured into the

United Way of Youngstown flexes muscle as it turns 100

Editorial: In trekking through the time tunnel 100 years, 1919 stands out as a milestone year for our nation

Attend hearings on need for renewal of justice tax

Editorial: Primary elections in odd- numbered years are notorious in Ohio for generating shamefully high levels

Trump needs to embrace real immigration reform

Editorial: President Donald J. Trump used his first prime-time televised address to the nation Tuesday to

Ohio deserves more fair House districts by 2020

Editorial: Akron Beacon Journal: On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would take up again the matter

‘Grubby’ pay-raise bill is a shameful display of greed

Editorial: State Rep. Michele Lepore- Hagan of Youngstown was absolutely justified in her condemnation of her

Strike deal on Dreamers

Editorial: Columbus Dispatch: It’s depressing — but also fitting — that the new Congress has come to town in

Resolve to help our planet by giving up on straws

Editorial: Canton Repository: Whether you’re still looking for a resolution you can keep through 2019 or you

2019: A year of reckoning for the city of Youngstown

Editorial: In early 2018, we opined that Youngstown’s new mayor, Jamael Tito Brown, would have no choice but to

Shutdown playing havoc with lives of Americans

Editorial: For many of us, especially those far removed from the hyperpolitical haze inside the Washington