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Funds for public housing prove their worth, merit continuation by Congress

Editorial: We cheer the announce- ment this week from U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Howland, D-13th, that the Mahning

Austintown school board throws caution to the wind

Editorial: The inexplicable decision by the Austintown Board of Education to appoint Tim Kelty head principal

Seventy-five years of pride for Diocese of Youngstown

Editorial: For 75 years now, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown has served as a source of comfort and

Trump won’t punish aide for insulting Sen. McCain

Editorial: If there was any doubt about the administration of Republican President Donald J. Trump lacking a

Another day, another mass shooting amid shameful inaction in DC and Columbus

Editorial: Another. That one word screaming out in supersized and super bold type atop Page 1 of The New York

Youngstown’s fiscal mess even worse than expected

Editorial: In February, we predicted that Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown would have no choice but to slash

Back to the drawing board toward Middle East peace

Editorial: Split-screen TV images from in and near Jerusalem earlier this week of joyous celebration

Tease photo

Hockey, hotel are giving downtown Youngstown a big bang of excitement

Editorial: Positive energy in and around downtown Youngstown has reached stratospheric heights this week as two

Court makes the right call on the MVSD’s rebate plan

Editorial: Judges Lou D’Apolito and Ronald Rice have sent an unequivocal message to the Mahoning Valley

YARS and Camp Ravenna deserve key investments

Editorial: Unanimous consensus reached last week among members of a powerful congressional committee on this

Medicaid expansion defines race for governor of Ohio

Editorial: There are almost 8 million registered voters in Ohio, but only 1.5 million cast ballots in last

It’s past time to cure stigma of mental illness

Editorial: Mention mental illness, and far too often, the focus quickly turns to its tragic outcomes that play

Judge Cosgrove was right in condemnation of Infante

Editorial: Residents of the Mahoning Valley who have bemoaned the epidemic of public corruption should send

The power of incumbency charged key county races

Editorial: Few forces in the political universe wield as much strength as the power of incumbency. Results from

School-levy results reflect our broken funding system

Editorial: Are Mahoning Valley voters more supportive of public school districts than most Ohioans? On the