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Vindy curling in your hands?

Opinion: We’ve had more than a few readers call us in recent weeks about the same peculiar issue: “The

Challenging? Yes, but I have hope

Opinion: Next month will mark three years since Jim Tressel’s name was propelled by community leaders as the

Shining a spotlight on our public actions

Opinion: The weirdness that is the Youngstown Board of Education worked its way into media members and The

Starting to matter again

Opinion: Saturday was a great feeling with Youngstown State University championship football. Not the loss,

The 2016 Ralph Meacham Award winner is ...

Opinion: I decided to start an award in 2015 to honor the feat that is Ralph Meacham, Mahoning County

On the hunt for American WWII veterans’ stories

Opinion: If life was how we all wished, John Bistrica and Florent Plana would never have met. But this past

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Here’s a thought

Opinion: Thought. It was among the poignant suggestions from one of the most memorable speeches of my time

The rise and fall of sports

Opinion: Amid the din of National Public Radio political news emerging from my phone app this week, this

Together in life – and death

Opinion: If you ever encountered Jessie Washington, there was a good chance that not far behind was her older

The cloud that looms ...

Opinion: Last Wednesday night, with one of the greatest decisions in a long time about to occur, a great

Pay for journalism or we’ll ‘all pay for it’

Opinion: What follows are three distinct events that share one looming community problem. A New Middletown

Clarence Robinson Park celebrates glorious past

Opinion: Clarence Robinson broke the color barrier for Youngstown’s parks and recreation board. That was in

This week, we pause

Opinion: This week, we pause. The sixth annual Ohio Nonviolence Week starts today in downtown Youngstown

The hero at Helmick house

Opinion: Kevin Helmick walks into a room and takes up the space of a football player. You might guess his

Judge Jones at 90

Opinion: Ask Judge Nathaniel R. Jones for a pivotal life moment from his