Bertram de Souza

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Weekly Sunday columns from Vindicator writer Bertram de Souza.

Airline service now a memory

Opinion: What do you call an airport without regular commercial air service? Empty. The picture on the

Debate on State Issue 1 Wednesday at Vindy,

Opinion: A reading of the two Op-Ed articles on State Issue 1 on last Sunday’s Vindicator Commentary page, leads to the conclusion there’s no middle ground when it comes to the push to lessen criminal penalties for drug possession. (If you didn’t read the articles, visit the links below.)

Now you see her, now you don’t

Opinion: There’s so much egg dripping down the faces of Trumbull County Commissioners Daniel Polivka and

Bozo the clown & his pals

Opinion: PREFACE The right hand was about to give the left hand a “high five” after indictments tied to

Lawsuit has a familiar stench

Opinion: Remember the “chicken s--- caper” that generated some gallows humor about the proposed HomeGoods

Clash of the con artists

Opinion: When presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and then President Trump invited Youngstown native

ECOT scandal bloodies GOP

Opinion: Last week’s 4-2 ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court that enables the state to recover millions of