2011 Bridal Planner

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Super Easy, Super Smart Beauty Secrets

From sipping smoothies to researching the paint aisle at the hardware store, the trick to looking great on your big day doesn't have to be high-maintenance

The Weekend Project

One quick trip around town to a few stores and you'll be well on your way to creating unique and remarkably stylish wares for you wedding day

Rent or Buy?

Save money and rent, or spend more and own? Formalwear impresario Rik Ducar weighs the pros and cons of each.

Uncovering the Best Hometown Spots

An engagement-portrait session can help break the ice with your photographer - and capture some fun photos right in your backyard

Your Long and Winding Road-Trip Honeymoon

When airline fees and family bragging rights are cramping your honeymoon's style, the only solution is hitting the road.

Coming Home

You're getting married in your hometown - and it's changed a bit since you last lived there. Here's the advice and etiquette for finding the venues and vendors to make your hometown wedding the best ever.

Aisle Style

Before you walk down the aisle, check out the aisles in your local supermarket.

Simply Stylish

Brides have enough to stress about on their wedding day. Having paid thousands for an uncomfortable dress should not be one of those reasons. Here's a guide to gowns that look great, feel great, and come without the great, big price tag

Think Local, Drink Local

Personal touches and homegrown details are all the rage at weddings , so why not extend the trend to the bar?

5 Questions with Donnie Brown

The star planner from 'Whose Wedding Is It Anyway' offers his tips for a stylish hometown that event that's absolutely yours

Sweet and Simple

Today's modern desserts go easy on the embellishments and feature delightful details and flavors guests know and love. Say yes to the baking renaissance.