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Library hosts pop-up Valentines Day card event

Friday, March 8, 2019


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Librarian assistant Amelia Dale helped a community member pick out paper at the pop-up Valentine's Day card event on Feb. 11 at the Michael Kusalaba library.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Librarian Amelia Dale is pictured siting in front of the examples of cards she created for community members to look at during the first pop-up Valentine's Day card making event at the Michael Kusalaba library on Feb. 11.


The Michael Kusalaba library hosted a Pop Up Valentines Day card making event on Feb. 11.

Librarian assistant Amelia Dale ran the event, creating five example cards for community members.

“It’s just something fun that we like to do before Valentines Day,” Dale said.

The library provided scrap paper, foam hearts, stamps, glue and other supplies to create a personalized card.

Dale said many of her ideas came from Pinterest, but she encouraged everyone to make it their own.

“I just want everyone to do whatever they like, whatever they can think of,” Dale said.

The event was for children under 18, according to Dale.

“This is a fun way for children to make something for free they can give to a parent or friend,” she said.