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Dairy Queen takes PRIDE in its store

Friday, March 8, 2019


Neighbors | Submitted.Pictured are Austintown Dairy Queen crew members, from left, (front) Alexa Cline, Michael Migro, Amy Ziccardi; (back) Tiffany Berlett, Justine Strickland, Cameron Currie, Nick Allen, Brandon Strickland and Squire Strickland.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.This PRIDE award, from 2018, is on display at the Austintown Dairy Queen. The store recently received the award again in 2019, making it the ninth year in a row to recieve the honor.


Neighbors | Jessica Harker.Dairy Queen store manager Amy Zacardi iced a cake for a customer on Feb. 12 at the Austintown Dairy Queen that recently received the annual PRIDE award for the ninth year in a row.


The Austintown Dairy Queen recently received the PRIDE award for the ninth consecutive year.

Store manager Amy Zacardi said that the award is given to stores that are able to go above and beyond cleanliness and food safety requirements.

“We go through surprise inspections during the beginning of the year,” Zacardi said. “So everything has to always be in order, which is how we keep the store.”

She said that as long as the store is above board, passing inspections with no critical areas they receive the award.

“It’s not easy to get, but it is something we strive for every year,” Zacardi said.

As store manager, Zacardi said she has found a way to break down the maintenance to be sure each section gets done every day.

Zacardi assigns team leaders, with three or four crew members, to specific sections of the store.

This way, she said, no one gets overwhelmed cleaning sections on their own, and there’s someone responsible for confirming the jobs completed.

“It seems to work out,” Zacardi said. “The crew gets the work down fairly quickly too.”

She said she always awards her entire crew when their work results in the store winning the award.

The store currently employees about 29 crew members.

“I always buy them pizza, or we have a big bag of gift cards or swag that they can choose from,” Zacardi said. “Something to show them how much we appreciate them.”