For the Week of Sunday, March 3, 2019

Published: Sun, March 3, 2019 @ 12:00 a.m.

Robert S. Schneider et al to Twins Commercial Group LLC, Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, $169,500.

Ruth Dolory to MSA Properties LLC, Woodland Ave., Campbell, $20,000.

Jodi E. Bowlen to Nathan A. Bowen, Starwick Drive, Canfield, $250,000.

Donald P. Roberts to Ryan Patterson, Wendy Lane, Poland, $102,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Diaria J. Toomer, Drummond Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Luis A. Morales Sr. et al, Atkinson Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Eric S. Waller et al to Michelle L. Thomas, Canfield Road, Youngstown, $62,000.

Anthony’s On the River Inc. to Two Bridges LLC, Oak Hill Ave., Youngstown, $100,000.

Jodie Shields to Michael L. Pittman, W. Maryland Ave., Sebring, $73,750.

Pangea Property Management LLC to Edgardo Velazquez et al, Kendall Ave., Campbell, $44,500.

Simon Westbury LLC to Jennifer M. Everett, Orchard Park Drive, Canfield, $70,000.

Elite Property Pros RS International Inc. to George F. Chabrol, Sherwood Ave., Youngstown, $4,000.

Rinay Chand to Henry Berglez, Helena Ave., Youngstown, $6,000.

Roger W. Heineman et al to Roger W. Heineman, W. South Range Road, Beloit, $300,000.

Norman E. Benden et al to Kareem M. Hassan et al, Paulin Road, Youngstown, $142,000.

Hector L. Sanchez Jr. to Raeann M. Jones, Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, $3,306.

David C. Pinciaro et al to Frank L. Cassese et al, Meadowood Circle, Poland, $350,000.

Lenore R. LaRubbio to James M. Hill, Palo Verde Drive, Youngstown, $65,000.

Chemical Bank to Giovenco 61 Realty LLC, Elizabeth Lane, Campbell, $31,500.

Shirley J. Kalinay to Martha Glavic, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $135,000.

PCS LTD to 621 Boardman-Canfield Road LLC, Boardman-Canfield Road, Youngstown, $750,000.

Donald Cramer Sr. to Najiyah Burgess et al, Manchester Ave., Youngstown, $27,000.

Ismael Carabello Jr. et al to Charles J. Johnson et al, Canfield Road, Youngstown, $75,500.

Merle F. McFall et al to Vincent D. Lisbon et al, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $69,000.

FB Acquisition Property XXIII LLC to Linda A. Campana, Anna Circle, Struthers, $105,000.

DSV SPV3 LLC to Hla Than Wai, Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, $11,000.

Peskin Neon Sign Co. to General Extrusions Inc., Simon Road, Boardman, $256,000.

John J. Duffy to Scott C. Hunter et al, N. Turner Road, Austintown, $185,000.

Terry Melott Jr. to Joseph S. Carnes et al, High St., Washingtonville, $89,000.

George L. Duval to Modern Hive LLC, E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, $10,500.

Quadland Corp. to Desiree A. Cruciger et al, Springfield Road, Poland, $195,000.


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