For the Week of Sunday, Feburary 17, 2019

Published: Sun, February 17, 2019 @ 12:00 a.m.

BCS Development LLC to David Kiraly et al, Heron Bay Drive, Poland, $125,000.

Barbara R. Van Wetering to Lynn E. Miles, Massachusetts Ave., Poland, $96,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal to Gladys Pinero, Forest View Drive, Youngstown, $12,500.

James M. Heasley to Empire Property Management LLC, Poland Ave., Struthers, $90,000.

Lybranto LLC to Raymond J. Kufleitner, County Line Road, Lake Milton, $925,000.

Ray T. Shoulis to Sara Shekerko et al, Pritchard Ohltown Road, Newton Falls, $114,900.

John F. Susany et al to Jeremy G. Kenepp, Breezewood Drive, Austintown, $124,900.

Kaley Kastner to Jaclyn N. Nemergut, Lucerne Lane, Youngstown, $114,000.

ABRE Holdings LLC to JG Youngstown Owner LLC et al, Canfield Road, Youngstown, $1,109,244.

Frank P. Doperak to Scott A. Jones, Newton Falls Road, Diamond, $142,000.

HR Apartments LLC to FAZ Properties LLC, E. Huntington Drive, Boardman, $235,000.

Michael G. Tablack et al to Edward S. Burns et al, W. Cotton Candy Court, New Middletown, $190,000.

Marcia Branca to Belal Mousa et al, Langston Run, Canfield, $260,308.50.

Michael D. Robinson et al to Ahmad Al-Turk, Ridgely Court, Poland, $355,000.

Broad Street Funding Trust I to Terri L. Bright, Brunswick Road, Youngstown, $47,600.

Helen Yurchison to John F. Susany et al, Herons Blvd., Austintown, $150,000.

Blue Skies Collaboration LLC to Fancy Investments LLC, Helena Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Youngstown Choice Homes to Felicia Williams, Hawthorne St., Youngstown, $15,000.

Kenneth E. Tedrow et al to CNN LLC, Elm St., Struthers, $12,000.

Irene N. Perish to Paul G. Ferry et al, Talsman Drive, Canfield, $142,000.

NXT Investment Corp. to Deanna M. Beauchamps, Twelfth St., Campbell, $35,795.

John H. Little to Valerie D. Ecrement, W. New York Ave., Sebring, $34,000.

Ross Rodino III to Lisa J. Wuershing, Almyra Ave., Youngstown, $19,500.

Theresa A. Clinkscale to Kay M. Torres et al, Carrousel Woods Drive, New Middletown, $255,000.

Abdul K. Shamsudin et al to Chad M. Krispinsky, Pearson Circle, Boardman, $66,000.

Dontrail Burkes to Anthony J. Guttu, N. Osborn Ave., Youngstown, $19,000.

Jennifer L. Gray to Gust Spillos et al, Niles Ave., Lake Milton, $75,000.

DOCS Land LLC to Richard P. Hill et al, Drake View Court, North Lima, $34,500.

Richard R. Snyder to Robin S. McKinney, Winchester Ave., Youngstown, $53,000.

TAG Resources LLC to LA Works LLC, Ambert St., Youngstown, $38,500.

Charles Kelso Jr. et al to William Myers et al, W. Western Reserve Road, Canfield, $140,000.

Marvin Siddall et al to Brian Siddall et al, Coitsville Hubbard Road, Youngstown, $133,000.

BGRS LLC to Matthew Zimmerman et al, Colleen Drive, Boardman, $229,000.

Ernie Yacovone to Therese L. Fallecker, N. Four Mile Run Road, Austintown, $130,000.

Tod Nagy et al to Cadeesia B. Douglas et al, Navarre Ave., Austintown, $98,000.

Joseph A. Amandolara III et al to Solomon and Guam Real Estate Investments LLC, N. Roanoke Ave., Youngstown, $37,000.

Errol H. Joseph et al to MTB Professional Painting LLC, Carroll St., Youngstown, $4,790.

Virginia A. Kashmiry et al to Donald R. Blisard, Poland-Struthers Road, Poland, $42,000.

TAAM Properties LLC to Kimberly R. McDowell, Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Poland, $128,000.

Monica Walters-Wallace et al to Jessica Cunningham, Medford Ave., Youngstown, $60,000.

James C. Demidovich et al to Eric A. Spiegel et al, Calla Road East, Poland, $220,000.

Gary A. Wojtowicz to Gary P. Wojtowicz, Walnut Grove Circle, Struthers, $217,600.

Lillian M. Popa to John Popa Jr., W. Middletown Road, Salem, $41,000.

Porch Swing Realty LLC to Clancy C. Pannell et al, Simon Road, Boardman, $116,500.

Northwest Properties of Youngstown LLC to Roberto C. Ramirez Ruiz et al, Whipple Ave., Campbell, $46,500.

Burkey-Hayes Farms to Shamrock Fields Holdings LLC, Weaver Road, Berlin Center, $192,000.

Tod Allen et al to Christopher M. Kiraly, Straley Lane, Boardman, $115,750.

Brad A. Angus et al to Kyle K. Thompson, W. Pine Lake Road, North Lima, $94,000.

Susan McCleaf Nespeca to Niko McElroy, Ridgelawn Ave., Youngstown, $40,000.

Youngstown Choice Homes II Limited Partnership to Arnaldo Castro Lozada, 435 W. Kenmore Ave., Youngstown, $13,500.

Jeremy Sternagle to Nicholas P. Heitzer, Madrid Drive, Austintown, $111,000.

Melia D. McKean et al to OPM Ohio 7 LLC, Shadyside Drive, Boardman, $34,000.

Kenneth P. Janis et al to Curtis Holzer et al, Meanderwood Drive, Canfield, $175,000.

First Choice Community Credit Union to Funtulis Property Group LLC, N. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, $24,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Mahoning Valley Home Improvement Corp., Rainier Trail, Boardman, $51,000.

Kegan L. Brady to Marjorie Brady, Estates Circle, Youngstown, $61,100.

Marie Calderon to Robin Gabriel, Dunlap Ave., Youngstown, $58,000.

Jeffrey J. Laughner et al to John G. Rouzzo et al, Winterpark Ave., Austintown, $165,000.

Glen F. Wenger et al to Konrad Vanpelt, W. Pine Lake Road, Columbiana, $160,000.

Erica M. Hite to William A. Simcox Jr., Overlook Blvd., Struthers, $78,700.

Gary S. Kadvan to Joshua Sutak et al, E. Faith St., Struthers, $72,500.

Michael J. Yeager Jr. to August J. Seckler, Mathews Road, Boardman, $40,000.

Michael J. Yeager Jr. to August J. Seckler, Mathews Road, Boardman, $13,000.

FDI A&C LLC to Resident Capital LLC, Roanoke Ave., Youngstown, $126,500.

Jason P. Callihan to David L. Slebodnick, Cordova Ave., Youngstown, $42,724.

Michael P. Evatz to John Venziano, Matta Ave., Youngstown, $26,900.

GJP Realty Trust Inc. to Wise Assets LLC, Midlothian Ave., Youngstown, $36,300.

Andrew Kuthy et al to DeAnna Sheffler, Argonne Drive, Youngstown, $110,500.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Nasario Bautista et al, John St., Youngstown, $6,000.

William H. Fain Jr. to Lawrence P. Hemrick, Westminster Ave., Austintown, $92,500.

Cory Mowen et al to David Buzzacco et al, Warwick Drive S., Canfield, $155,500.

Robert S. Begala et al to Michael D. Persing et al, Forest Ave., North Lima, $37,200.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Marie J. Sutak, Highlawn Ave., Youngstown, $25,499.

Cody B. Eakes to Thomas and Maxine Reitinger Trust, Woodbury Court, Canfield, $200,000.

Kathleen M. Rolunno to Ryan L. Mowery, Larkridge Ave., Boardman, $98,000.

C. Ray Family LLC to Travis Vancel, Hitchcock Road, Boardman, $125,000.


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