For the week of Sunday, February 10, 2019

Published: Sun, February 10, 2019 @ 12:00 a.m.

John M. Schuler to John Seyler, Wilshire Drive, Youngstown, $88,900.

Daniel J. Lewis et al to Lucas R. Stanovcak et al, Chattanooga Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Thomas M. Calko et al to Kayla R. Clark, Walker Mill Road, Poland, $103,500.

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Andromeda USA Inc., Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $170,000.

Jessica Huntley to Joseph J. Novak Sr., Oran Drive, Youngstown, $120,000.

James Infante to Giorgio Picinelli, S. Osborn Ave., Youngstown, $24,000.

Charles Otterman to Margaret Pentz et al, Madera Ave., Youngstown, $67,000.

JoAnn Halick to Solo Rental Properties LLC, Robinson Road, Campbell, $5,000.

Kelly McMahon-Johnson to Isaac Bowald, Idlewood Road, Youngstown, $50,500.

Laelia LLC to TAG Resources LLC, Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Deelia Enterprises to Earl Ausnehmer, Roxbury Ave., Youngstown, $17,800.

James M. Perry et al to Anthony G. Elmo, Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, $365,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Joan Senters, S. Brockway Ave., Youngstown, $16,000.

Robert A. Mills et a to Anna C. Battaglia et al, Rexford Road, Youngstown, $84,900.

Clayton Leasing LLC to Brittney Price et al, Brandon Ave., Poland, $21,000.

Larry E. Clark to Yunus Emre Muslim Community Center Inc., W. Avondale Ave., Youngstown, $12,000.

Rainy Day Rentals to PQR OH Investments Inc., Bright Ave., Campbell, $22,000.

Donna Ewing to Angel’s Better Care In-Home Child Care LLC, Shady Run Road, Youngstown, $69,000.

Fred Ross Jr. et al to Linda L. Titus et al, S. Wendover Circle, Youngstown, $83,000.

Connie S. Ferrell et al to Raymond J. Pagan et al, Cedarwood Drive, Mineral Ridge, $90,000.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Lee Hartman, Hood Drive, Canfield, $87,000.

Thomas R. Pay et al to Lil Paws Winery LLC, South Duck Creek Road, North Jackson, $35,000.

Robert W. Pugh et al to Joseph L. Pitzulo et al, Chablis Lane, Poland, $276,000.

Valerie A. Diorio et al to Jessica DeLisio, Ridgefield Ave., Youngstown, $91,000.

Celesta L. Rapp to John LoCicero et al, Fox Run Court, Boardman, $117,700.

Peter A. Starzyk to Joseph Allison, Burkey Road, Austintown, $132,000.

Tangier Express Inc. to Myra Black, Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, $23,000.

Sheri Ulm et al to Baywinds Management LLC, Campbell St., Youngstown, $2,500.

Samantha N. Rouzzo et al to Mark A. Blackshear, Parkgate Ave., Austintown, $107,500.

Robert J. Brenner et al to John T. Shartle et al, Holly St., Canfield, $160,000.

August J. Seckler to Bruce B. Hitchcock II, Basil Ave., Boardman, $77,000.

JoAnn R. Neiheisel to Janet L. Delsignone, W. Oakland Blvd., Struthers, $110,000.

Samuel Krutzer et al, to Jeremy Kapper, Friendship Ave., Boardman, $89,000.

Carolyn S. D’Agostino to Christopher P. Schmidt et al, Barbcliff Drive, Canfield, $220,000.

Sarah M. Matkosky to Gino A. Gentile, Kirk Road, Youngstown, $95,000.

Clyde T. Griffith et al to Jonathan Maloney, Duck Creek Road, Berlin Center, $177,500.

Jeanetta Shaw to Youngstown State University Foundation, Grant St., Youngstown, $12,500.

Dennis Gonatas et al to Jeffrey W. Starkey et al, Sageberry Drive, North Lima, $37,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Charles E. Wagner Jr. et al, Villa Maria Road, Lowellville, $73,501.

Carol E. Franket to Glen T. Beedham et al, Kiwatoni Trail, Canfield, $82,000.

Stephen Pitts to Gary York, Skyline Drive, Canfield, $115,000.

Deborah J. Tindall to Eric J. Kennedy, Hopkins Road, Youngstown, $24,200.

Gary E. Kinn et al to Kiersten Barron, Howard St., Austintown, $83,000.

Chad W. Davis to Kiley A. Moore, Venloe Drive, Poland, $88,000.

Richard T. Gurlea Sr. et al to Red Stand LLC, Egypt Road, Salem, $216,418.

PNC Bank to Chad W. Davis et al, Nesbitt St., Poland, $182,000.

Robert Erwin to Ralph Barone et al, Hampton Court, Youngstown, $6,000.

Charles A. Campbell et al to Nathaniel R. Hartman et al, Ridgewood Road, Youngstown, $16,000.

Lynn E. Miles to Michael McPhee et al, W. Calla Road, Canfield, $205,000.

Walter A. Wagner et al to Michelle Wells, E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $6,500.

Alva C. Book to Sean D. Sullivan, Homestead Drive, Boardman, $43,000.

US Bank National Association to 3 Kings Estates LLC, Alameda Ave., Youngstown, $9,000.

Michael R. Coppola to Gregory Butcher, Como St., Struthers, $70,000.

Bradley L. Smith to Gerard Smith, Old Furnace Road, Youngstown, $64,500.

Myron Felden et al to Dina Nguyen et al, Southern Blvd., Youngstown, $120,000.

Edward M. Straub et al to Yan Qing Weng et al, Langston Run, Canfield, $688,888.

R. Scott Krichbaum et al to Dennis Mikkelson et al, Renwick Drive, Poland, $61,250.

David S. Mellott et al to Dylan P. Smidt et al, Burgett Lane, Canfield, $160,000.

Anthony Gentile et al to Garry M. Mrozek et al, E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, $180,000.

Irene Sutherland to Paul Buzea et al, Saranac Ave., Youngstown, $1,000.

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Patricia C. Posterli, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $124,900.

P&J Rental Properties LLC to CK Real Estate LLC, E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $17,000.

Charles Calderon et al to Anthony C. Schialdore et al, Queisner Ave., Lowellville, $55,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to CZ Real Estate Holdings LLC, Spring St., Struthers, $9,034.

James Dye et al to Stephen Zeppernick, Lake Park Blvd., Alliance, $6,710.

Marla E. Hammond to D’Andre M. Rushton et al, Heritage Court, Canfield, $130,000.

Anthony D. Scarnecchia to John V. McCarthy et al, Hedgerow Place, New Middletown, $124,000.

Calm Enterprises to Claudia R. Correa, Fairmont Ave., Youngstown, $8,000.

Brandon A. Lamoncha to Rima Abdulmajid, S. Briarcliff Drive, Canfield, $50,000.

August J. Seckler et al to Angel Napoli et al, Wakefield Ave., Youngstown, $55,000.

Marcia Mingus to Art W. Siemann et al, Herbert Road, Canfield, $182,000.

Edward J. Hallahan et al to Tushar M. Mali, Meadowbrook Ave., Youngstown, $45,000.

Edmond M. Flakes et al to ASAZ Home Improvements LLC, Hudson Ave., Youngstown, $5,000.

Home Savings Bank to Lori Brode, Maple Leaf Drive, Austintown, $82,000.

Adam M. Mrofchak to Maria C. Class, Weston Ave., Youngstown, $65,000.

John L. Hrisdak to Joseph M. Donatelli, Lot 413, Lowellville, $500.

Mary J. Siemann et al to Andrew C. Siemann, Parkside Drive, Canfield, $135,000.

Kimberly S. Hazelbaker et al to All You Need Storage LLC, W. South Range Road, Beloit, $154,000.

Timothy McCrystal et al to Steve Lucivjansky et al, Denver Drive, Lake Milton, $45,000.

Mark A. Davis to Clarence Covington III, Woodrow Ave., Youngstown, $53,000.

Walter Morgan Jr. to Ralph E. McMahon Jr., Truesdale Road, Boardman, $50,000.

Robert B. Lingenfelter to Ruby K. Clark, Southward Drive, Austintown, $61,750.

Carl C. Rubino et al to Sean G. Price et al, Seventh St., Struthers, $52,000.

Thomas E. McGoogan et al to Vance Huber et al, Lee Run Road, Poland, $248,500.

Samantha L. Miller to Anthony Scarnecchia, Unity Road, Poland, $178,500.

Christine J. Koneval to Melody McConnell, Apple Blossom Trail, Beloit, $38,000.

Robert J. Bragorace Jr. to Robert E. McClimons Jr., Parkview Ave., Youngstown, $8,000.

Tyrone Robinson to Lindsey’s Property Management LLC, Hyatt Ave., Campbell, $61,000.

Jessica Rouzzo to Mark Garland Sr., County Line Road, Mineral Ridge, $110,000.

Volpini and Associates Inc. to Robert J. Moderalli, W. McKinley Way, Poland, $75,000.

Huntington National Bank to Louis F. Sfara, Park Ave., Lowellville, $32,100.

GP Capital Management LLC to Daniel L. Schaeffer, E. Vermont Ave., Sebring, $86,000.

Dorothy L. McLean to Andrew S. McCambridge, Mary Ann Lane, Boardman, $118,000.

Daniel Duran Jr. to Josiah Wheeler et al, Tara Court, Poland, $131,840.

HUD to Bradley L. Smith, Rockland Drive, Boardman, $123,750.


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