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ODE approves Summit Academy’s plan for corrective action following compliance report

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

By Amanda Tonoli

and Graig Graziosi


The Ohio Department of Education approved a corrective action plan from Summit Academy Secondary School on Monday afternoon.

In March, the ODE found the charter school noncompliant in 11 areas, citing a lack of a formal curriculum, classes taught without licensed teachers in the room, inaccurate individualized education plans for students with disabilities and lack of proper assessments and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Summit Academy Secondary School is at 2800 Shady Run Road.

On Monday, Summit Academy Management spokesman Jeff La Rue announced that the corrective action plan had been sent and accepted by the state.

“Summit Academy has been working closely with the ODE to come up with a CAP. The ODE notified Summit this afternoon that they have officially approved that plan and that Summit has already begun its implementation,” La Rue said.

The ODE could not be reached to comment.

According to the ODE report, “The selective review consisted of record reviews, classroom observations, staff interviews, parent meetings and an analysis of district data, procedures and outcomes.”

The ODE gave Summit Academy Secondary School until today to submit a CAP outlining how the school would address the issues.

Examples of noncompliant issues included assessments that were given without consideration to sensory needs, teachers being asked to sign off on documents indicating they attended individualized education plans meetings they weren’t present for, grade-appropriate work not being provided to students and teachers not being aware of Ohio Learning Standards.

Summit has until Nov. 19 to submit an additional compliance report showing it has corrected its IEPs to the Ohio Education Commission.