columbiana county

new cases

Gayle Thomas v. Eryka Penick et al, personal injury.

Roger Leipply v. Diamon Cut Lawn and Landscaping Service LLC, money.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Robert Buffington, money.


Ally Bank v. Dan Lewis, judgment for plaintiff.

divorces granted

John Speece v. Kimberly Speece.

Kayla Woodburn v. Johnathon Woodburn.

Kendra Bowersock v. William Bowersock.

Kayla Rummell v. Josh Rummell.

Pamela Pease v. Harry Pease.

dissolutions granted

Samantha Heisley and Adam Heisley.

Laura Poynter and Carl Poynter.

David Douglass and Robin Douglass.

James Mayfield and Billi Mayfield.



Home Savings and Loan Co. of Youngstown, Ohio v. Eileen Clemente et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Rose Ann Durch et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. James G. Pierce et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Robert G. Milijons et al, foreclosure.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Dennis E. Brake, default.

Linda Olapade Byrd et al v. American Assets Group LLC et al, dismissed.

Cynthia Phares v. Jill Peterson, dismissed.

Leyla Sartori v. Family & Community Services Inc., dismissed.

Alaska Louisiana Partners Limited Partnership v. Matthew L. Hatfield et al, dismissed.

Middlefield Banking Co. v. Donovan L. Agostino et al, dismissed.

Sam Lamancus v. James J. Mann Sr. et al, dismissed.

W A Wilson Inc. v. American National Glass & Architectural Metal LLC et al, dismissed.

Midland Funding LLC v. Brian Kingery, dismissed.

Tonya Showers v. Sarah Morrison et al, dismissed.

Synchrony Bank v. Kimberly Daniels, dismissed.

Sam Martuccio v. David Rossi, dismissed.

State v. Marcus Williams, sentenced.

State v. Julien A. Mahan, sentenced.

State v. Kendrick O. Smith, sentenced.

State v. Joshua A. Worthy, sentenced.

Progressive Direct Insurance Co. v. Kreig M. Culp, settled.

Ceasar A. Evans III v. Jaime E. Jenkins, settled.

Lawrence Skruck v. Universal Development Management Inc., dismissed.

Sam Lamancusa v. Donald E. Walter et al, dismissed.

Divorces granted

Christina Petro v. Anthony Petro.

Karen Miller v. Walter Miller Jr.

Shawn S. Miller v. Jami L. Miller.

Leslie A. Bacak v. Joseph G. Bacak.

Stephanie L. Anthony v. James H. Anthony Jr.

Alexandria Brown v. Jeremy Brown.

Ryan T. Hopson v. v. Jaime L. Hopson.

Diana Giaurtis v. John J. Giaurtis III.

Michael Kirsch v. Stacey R. Kirsch.

Pamela Yeager v. Carl S. Yeager Jr.

William W. Hilston v. Patricia A. Strah.

Theressa N. Miller v. William L. Miller.

Dissolutions granted

Abby S. Jarvis and Joshua A. Jarvis.

Charmaine Little and Andre Little.

Timothy R. Christmas and Crystal Christmas.

Damon Warren and Mary Turek.

Brian Griffiths and Suzanne Griffiths.

Tracy Benson and David E. Benson.

Todd Romesberg and Vicki L. Romesberg.

Caitlin Gilger and Mathew Kuhn

Domestic cases dismissed

Gary Clapp v. Ana Clapp.

James Sheely Jr. v. Elizanth Sheely.

Melissa Kearns v. Rashaud R. Mallory.

Lonnie Sweitzer v. Kelly Sweitzer.

Elissa Gordon v. Craig Gordon.

Rebecca Noble v. Keith A. Rohland.


Marriage licenses

Nicolino M. Wells, 23, of 2622 Algonquin Drive, Poland, and Dina M. Pelly, 29, of same.

Marvin W. Johnson, 49, of 205 Livingston St., Youngstown, and Latanya D. Foster, 44, of same.

Constantine C. Holtzman, 33, of 6647 Katahdin Drive, Poland, and Ryan A. Wilson, 30, of same.

Craig M. Thomas, 33, of 14311 Bandy Road, Alliance, and Jesselyn A. John, 28, of same.

Brian D. Partee-Wallace, 34, of 1317 Scioto St., Youngstown, and Ashley N. Campbell, 33, of 3948 Claridge Drive, Youngstown.

Gannon P. Hules, 28, of 4839 South Raccoon Road, Canfield, and Kelli M. Johnston, 25, of same.

Richard R. Banna, 32, of 12169 Alcoy Drive, Fenton, Mich., and Brittney A. Stratford, 28, of same.

Christopher L. Solvesky, 35, of 3986 Dorado Beach Drive, Canfield, and Julie M. Majernik, 37, of same.

Mark A. Sicafuse, 49, of 3435 Hopkins Road, Youngstown, and Krista M. Messing, 23, of same.

Christopher M. Shadeck, 57, of 107 Hickory Lane, Austintown, and Pamela J. Bennett, 48, of same.

Patrick A. Kent, 36, of 202 Rosemont Ave., Austintown, and Karen Piper, 41, of same.

Joshua R. Sutak, 26, of 3440 New Castle Road, Lowellville, and Amanda R. Noel, 25, of same.

Christopher J. Kemper, 31, of 1495 Turnberry Drive, Boardman, and Cassie E. Wilson, 29, of same.

Cameron M. Hitckcock, 20, of 4 Redwood Drive, Beloit, and Brittany N. Mitcham, 21, of same.

Richard S. Ridel, 37, of 3465 Pothour Wheeler Road, Hubbard, and Noelle T. Kauffman, 40, of 1709 W. Western Reserve Road, Poland.

Nathan J. Stabinski, 24, of 6155 Celesta Place, Poland, and Samantha N. Kerr, 24, of 4640 E. Calla Road, New Middletown.

Lee M. Jones, 33, of 417 9th St., Struthers, and Erica S. Braxton, 25, of same.

Shawn M. O’Malley, 32, of 393 Como St., Struthers, and Cassandra A. Baubie, 26, of same.

Joshua E. Beilstein, 33, of 17 N. 3rd St., Sharpsville, Pa., and Cierra M. Sarcinella, 23, of same.

Edward J. Skoloda, 33, of 533 W. Wilson St., Struthers, and Caitlin A. Appel, 27, of 6620 Glendale Ave., Boardman.

Brandon S. Suchora, 27, of 557 West Omar St., Struthers, and Samantha J. Ditman, 28, of same.

Curtis D. Johnson, 27, of 4400 Euclid Blvd., Boardman, and Krystal L.E. Brown, 25, of same.

Richard A. Spencer, 33, of 170 W. Earle Ave., Youngstown, and Nakiya M. Salter, 33, of same.

Brian M. Battaglia, 35, of 446 Ewing Road, Boardman, and Kristina A. Gagliano, 29, of same.

Nicholas R. Grenzig, 49, of 6538 Lowellville Road, Lowellville, and Jelena Pacjukova, 49, of same.

David B. Munholand, 57, of 112 N. Lima Road, Poland, and Joyce A. Bovo, 54, of same.

Divorces asked

David A. Robinson, of 1317 Kensington Ave., Youngstown v. Alisa Robinson, of 47 5th St., Campbell.

Andrea R. Marbley, of 4472 Devonshire Drive, Boardman v. Vincent D. Marbley, of 48 Eliot Lane, Youngstown.

William R. Acklin, of 645 Carlin Drive, Youngstown v. Erin K. Acklin, of 1316 Millers Landing, Cortland.

Cathy Giles, of 958 Winona Drive, Youngstown v. Pierre Arnold, of 853 Maple Ave., Youngstown.

Joseph Gionfriddo Jr., of 850 N. Meridian Road, Apt. 301, Youngstown v. Helen Gionfriddo, of 263 S. Edgehill Ave., Youngstown.

Wendy Kitchen, of 3331 N. Windover Circle, Youngstown v. Dennis Kitchen, of 1505 Butler Ave., Apt. 1, Los Angeles, Calif.

Dissolutions asked

Kathryn A. Dermotta, of 135 N. Osborn, Youngstown and Matthew H. Dermotta, of 4015 Monticello Blvd., Apt. 306, Youngstown.

Kelsey L. Smith, of 3070 Whitewood St. NW, North Canton and Clarence R. Smith IV, of 2953 Thackeray Ave. NW, Massillon.

Carolyn Cruz, of 3265 Crickett Drive, Youngstown and Emilio Cruz, of 3875 Fairway Drive, Canfield.

John M. Stuard Jr., of 763 state Route 7, P.O. Box 264, Brookfield and Christy M. Stuard, of 7357 Westview Drive, Boardman.

Philip H. Steele, of 25952 Hilliard Road, Westlake and Rebecca J. Steele, of 1360 Marview Drive, Westlake.

Janet Rohrbaugh Ostrowski, of 3352 Sandalwood Lane, Youngstown and Joseph C. Ostrowski, of same.

new complaints

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Ashley Lines et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Carmen G. Sierra et al, foreclosure.

HomeBridge Financial Services Inc. v. Jennifer S. Gursky et al, foreclosure.

Jenny L. Phelps v. Better Management Corp. of Ohio Inc. et al, notice of appeal.

C. Ross Builders LLC v. Richard Dravecky et al, breach of contract.

Loretta King v. Shelia Ramsey, forcible entry and detainer.

Kitty Lester v. Salvatore’s Italian Grill et al, other torts.

Hercules LED LLC v. JPMorgan Chase NA et al, complaint.

Theresa Warren v. Mahoning County et al, notice of appeal.

Fed Ex Corporate Services Inc. v. Big Dipper Food Company, complaint.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Marc Mastroberardino, complaint.

City of Campbell, Ohio v. Josue R. Mercado, complaint.

City of Youngstown, Ohio v. Douglas E. Richardson et al, complaint.

KTSDI LLC v. Sean Crowe et al, complaint for injunctive relief.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Larry F. Meenachan et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Margaret Konnen et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Daniel R. Yemma v. John Berardi et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Bank of America NA v. Andrew G. Babinec III Dds, other civil.

TD Bank USA NA v. Latrina Yates, complaint.

Chemical Bank v. John S. Childers et al, complaint in foreclosure.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Tyrone L. Withers et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Gloria J. Macko et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Clevon Dukes et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

The Huntington National Bank v. Joshua Gould et al, foreclosure.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Steven J. Smith et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Patricia A. Gmitter et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Ashley Enterprises LLC v. Judith Snyder et al, breach of contract.

Rashied Brown et al v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, jury demand.

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Santo R. Reda et al, foreclosure.

Linda M. Loth v. LFG Financial Services LLC et al, notice of appeal.

The Huntington National Bank v. Arthur W. Killian et al, foreclosure.

Edward Montgomery v. Buckeye Collision Center Inc., other torts.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Unknown Surviving Spouse et al of Sheldon S. Grayson et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Martha Wuchnic et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Judith Yakimoff, complaint.

Midland Funding LLC v. Randy Daff. money.

Bennett Supply Co. v. Thomas L. Skook, civil complaint.

Carla Krawczenski et al v. Wal-Mart Stores East, other torts.

US Bank Trust NA v. Pamela J. Martini et al, foreclosure in REM.

Nicole Donachie v. Lee A. Arent et al, other torts.

Lena Niro v. Ricotilli Construction Company Inc. et al, complaint for declaratory judgment.

The Sylvester Family Limited Partnership v. Ryan Gelarid, complaint.

Tasha D. Oliver v. Sarah Morrison et al, notice of appeal.

Dr. Mussaret Zuberi MD v. RAB Inc. et al, complaint.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Jason P. Keene et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Stacey R. Howard et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Sonya D. Scott, complaint on notes, account and contract.

Joseph Wells v. APEX Control Systems Inc., jury demand.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Chenault W. Hailey, complaint.

Stefani B. Christy v. Brianna N. Kriebel et al, other torts.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Devon Canty-Reed et al, complaint for collection of delinquent taxes.

Rayshownda Clark v. Andrea Perry, order of magistrate.

Sydney Horton v. Mariah Riley, order of magistrate.

Sydney Horton v. Felisita Tirado, order of magistrate.


State v. Denzell Rivers, continue community control with APA.

State v. Vincent Gutierez, pleads guilty.

State v. Raymond K. Butler Jr., pleads guilty.

State v. Marcus Duvall, forfeited.

State v. Trenton R. Nored, sentenced.

State v. Darius Hargrove, pleads guilty.

State v. Aaron D. Donatella, pleads guilty.

State v. Dominique Lucky, sentenced.

State v. Jeremy R. Hulick, pleads guilty.

State v. Jerbrail, Grhim, pleads guilty; sentenced.

Bank of America NA v. Daniel L. Crum et al, dismissed.

T Rowe Price Services Inc. v. Frederick Banks, order of magistrate.

HSBC Bank USA NA v. William J. Adams et al, confirmation of sale and ordering distribution of proceeds.

Frederick Howk v. Lowes Homes Centers LLC et al, dismissed.

American Builders and Contractors Supply v. First Action Construction LLC et al, dismissed.

Farina Family Trust v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Co., order of magistrate.

Progressive Direct Insurance Co. v. John J. David, dismissed.

Mary Coyne Investments LLC v. Mark Hanni et al, order of magistrate.

Jeremy Brown v. John J. David, dismissed.

Ohio Bell Telephone Co. v. Marucci and Gaffney Excavating Inc., settled.

Marisa Milone v. Sarah Morrison et al, dismissed.

Laverne Dennis v. Youngstown City Schools et al, dismissed.

Jeremy L. Knight v. Jason Greene et al, order of magistrate.

Discover Bank v. Nora J. Montanez, order of magistrate.

Phyllis J. Lawrence v. Karen S. Majoka et al, order of magistrate.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. James D. Nuttall, default judgment.

Megan Miller v. Cardinal Mooney High School et al, order of magistrate.

Madeline Burke v. BLCC Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Nichole Augusta v. Marc S. Stein et al, dismissed; judgment entered.

Anthony B. Smith v. Mancan Inc. et al, settled.

Catherine W. Jones v. Charles L. Bigby et al, dismissed.

Shannon Valentin et al v. Potentional Development Program Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

American Express National Bank v. Della Bryson, judgment entered.

Bank of America NA v. Janice L. Ranger, default judgment.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Joseph Muscato et al, order of magistrate.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Vickie L. Kropinak, default judgment.

Cardinal Financial Co. LTD Partnership v. Lee A. Kellish et al, judgment entered; foreclosure.

Sierra Gayles v. Zachary Edmonds, settled and dismissed.

Savannah A. Snyder et al v. Wendy’s Co. et al, order of magistrate.

Huntington National Bank v. Sarah E. Fannon et al, judgment entered; foreclosure.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. v. Jeffrey Davis, order of magistrate.

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