‘Sunny’ future for actress Kaitlin Olson


What: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Where: FXX

When: Wednesday, 10 p.m.

By Jay Bobbin


Though her series “The Mick” is over, the outlook for Kaitlin Olson is still sunny.

The comedic actress and her longtime cohorts on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – her real-life husband Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Danny DeVito – launch that show’s 13th season Wednesday, Sept. 5, on FXX. Though not a full-time regular now, Glenn Howerton (“A.P. Bio”) still is part of the show’s gang, with the first new episode making use of a life-size doll that resembles him. Other stories involve an escape room and the unexpected, highly choreographed way Mac (McElhenney) informs his convict father about a major life realization.

“It’s Always Sunny” has been absent for a year-and-a-half, but it already has a Season 14 renewal, which will tie it with “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” as television’s longest-running live-action sitcom. “I’m so deeply grateful for it,” Olson says of the series. “It really allows me to go and do other things. I can always come back to ‘Sunny,’ where I know I will be really happy with what we are doing as a show. It was just so much fun to come back and play Sweet Dee after taking a year off.”

Olson credits “Sunny’s” longevity to the fact that “we only do 10 episodes a season, so we’re able to make 10 great episodes of television. If you’re forced to make 23, you’re going to get some stinkers in there. And then, because we took a year off, everybody came back to the writers’ room really fresh and was excited to get going.”

Noting she was “really proud of what I did” on “The Mick,” Olson also has another potential series in the works, a Fox comedy co-created by McElhenney and teaming her with Leah Remini as spouses raising the sons of one of them. “I had a million reasons why I didn’t want to do it,” Olson allows, “but ultimately, I’m very excited to play a very different character. The multicam sitcom has always scared me a little bit, but I feel like we can do something really special with it.”

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