Marriage licenses

Ronald E. Warren, 62, of Warren, and Sharon M. Forrester, 52, of same.

David D. Galios, 42, of Niles, and Anne M. Whitney, 35, of same.

Devon A.M. DeSavigny, 22, of Warren, and Allison K.L. Hileman, 21, of same.

Gagandeep Singh, 29, of Cortland, and Inderjeet Kaur, 43, of same.

Mandolin J. Bell, 23, of Masury, and Daniel R. Wray, 34, of Burghill.

Linda C. Kurtz, 21, of West Farmington, and Richard R. Miller Jr., 25, of Middlefield.

Matthew D. Brom, 31, of Warren, and Lisa M. Stein, 30, of Girard.

Tyler A. McLemore, 26, of Niles, and Jessica M. Ayers, 23, of same.

Lee J. Courtney, 59, of Greenville, Pa., and Sharon G. White, 59, of same.

Kyle R. Walter, 25, of Hubbard, and Aurora D. Cullison, 21, of same.

Marcus K. Smith, 30, of Warren, and Anthony J. Burrus, 32, of same.

Eric J. Winters, 47, of Warren, and Ashley D. Crislip, 28, of same.

Abigail L. Harrah, 23, of Warren, and Michael E. Billett Jr., 24, of same.

Lauren N. Streb, 28, of Girard, and Cody A. Dean, 25, of same.

Michael T. Inghram, 67, of Hubbard, and Sharon L. Williams, 67, of same.

Michelle N. Rizzo, 41, address confidential, and John R. Barhoover III, 36, address confidential.

Samuel D. Byard, 32, of Farmdale, and Ashley N. Worstell, 32, of Marietta.

Dawn R. Wiesensee, 43, of Warren, and Shawn E. Setting, 44, of same.

Jaclyn N. Dach, 28, of Newton Falls, and Jordan R.C. Johnson, 28, of Salem.

Kyle V. Sersich, 30, of Warren, and Elizabeth E. Macrinos, 29, of same.

Gerald E. Denno III, 36, of Warren, and Crystal D. McClintock, 35, of same.

Christina M. Miller, 25, of West Farmington, and Steven P. Yoder, 21, of same.

Lisa R. Hawkins, 57, of Warren, and Charles L. Smith, 52, of same.

Craig T. Schwartz, 32, of Warren, and Jennifer L. Tweed, 33, of same.

Jack L. Luzik, 60, of Hubbard, and Kathryn M. Velez, 64, of same.

Tiffany D. Krenciprock, 27, of Niles, and Justin M. Davila, 32, of same.

James A. Boser III, 39, of Girard, and Josephine J. Baumgartner, 35, of same.

Andrew J. Evan, 26, of Farmdale, and Delaney J. Nelson, 25, of North Bloomfield.

Sofia A. Mavrogianis, 27, of Cortland, and John A. Ross III, 31, of same.

Alan M. Troyer,27, of West Farmington, and Elizabeth D. Kurtz, 31, of Middlefield.

Joseph R. Kleshinski,71, of Warren, and Vicki S. Roncaglione, 64, of same.

Dissolutions Asked

Jason McNees and Heather McNees.

Shannon Pauli and John Darno.

Marjorie C. Brady and Richard L. Brady.

Erik Jennings and Molly S. Jennings.

Faith A. Kroynovich and Joseph P. Kroynovich.

Divorces Asked

Robin Hager v. Mark Hager.

Ida Fusillo v. Mark Fusillo.

Kelly Sweitzer v. Lonnie Sweitzer Sr.

Deborah J. Garza v. Gary L. Garza.

Marvin E. Hill v. Lizabeth Hill.


Sam Lamancusa v. Unknown heirs et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Leland F. Moats et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Ben N. Troyer et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Bradley Brunstetter et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Tavis L. Nichols et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Helen Maderitz et al, foreclosure.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC v. Corey M. DeAngelis et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. NA v. Theresa M. Whitt et al, foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Christopher J. Vitello et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Brian J. Kachaylo et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Joshua W. Robbs et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Lisa I. Torrence et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. April D. Shippen et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Daniel B. Letson et al, foreclosure.

Chemical Bank v. Jennifer D. Bass et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Joseph P. Lutz et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Alice Phillips et al, foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC v. George E. Houtz Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. BS Enterprises & Investments Ltd. et al, foreclosure.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC v. Michael A. Cole et al, foreclosure.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Veronica J. Markley, other civil.

Youngstown State University v. Daniel R. Elllis, other civil.

Banner Supply Co. v. Nezbeth Construction LLC, other civil.

Ally Financial Inc. v. Sherry Owens, other civil.

Credit Acceptance v. Deondrea Watkins et al, other civil.

Marian J. Mitolo v. John M. Diana et al, other civil.

Michael E. Merritt et al v. Carol Burnfield, other civil.

Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority v. Denise Stambolia et al, other civil.

Elizabeth K. Beckley v. Kevin S. Scott, other civil.

Discover Bank v. David P. Dupree, other civil.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Berri L. Anderson, other civil.

Jeffrey A. Hornbeck et al v. John Hornbeck, other civil.

Albert Guarnieri & Co. Inc. v. New Waterford Enterprises Inc. et al, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC v. Debbie James, other civil.

Cheryl A. Clinton v. Lifefleet LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Leroy Gibson v. Sarah Morrison et al, workers’ compensation.

State v. 3 C Custom LLC, money.

State v. Richard D. Adams Jr. et al, money.

State v. AMT Auto Sales, money.

State v. Ahmad T. Abdelfattah, money.

State v. Micahel V. Barreca et al, money.

State v. Donald R. Bernard et al, money.

State v. David F. Bianco, money.

State v. Sarah S. Blair, money.

State v. Deanna L. Boggess et al, money.

State v. Remon W. Boyd, money.

State v. Tod Brady, money.

State v. Kelly D. Brunstetter et al, money.

State v. Thomas A. Bumgardner et al, money.

State v. Ratosha S. Burney, money.

State v. Bahama Bay Tanning LLC, money.

State v. Trolaunda L. Callaway, money.

State v. Brian E. Cibik, money.

State v. Jerome F. Clement Jr., money.

State v. Elizabeth A. Craley, money.

State v. Sandra Crisman, money.

State v. Castillo Niles Inc., money.

State v. David D. Daniel, money.

State v. Alan M. Darlington Jr. et al, money.

State v. William G. Davis, money.

State v. Jonas C. Detwiler et al, money.

State v. Stephen J. Doll, money.

State v. Joseph Dyke, money.

State v. Tricia L. Ferry, money.

State v. Renee A. Fowler, money.

State v. Sylvester J. Frazzini et al, money.

State v. Catherine I. Goss et al, money.

State v. Lindsay Gretchen et al, money.(11)

State v. Stephanie Groscost et al, money.

State v. Dale E. Hahne et al, money.

State v. Leroy D. Hart et al, money.

State v. Leslie A. Harvey, money.

State v. William F. Hayslett et al, money.

State v. Shawn Helsel, money.

State v. Jon M. Hendricks, money.

State v. Denise Iliff, money.

State v. Lawrence R. Infante, money.

State v. Luis R. Jimenez Negron, money.(2)

State v. Michael J. Johnston, money.

State v. Vance A. Keirsey, money.

State v. Michelle D. Kicula, money.

State v. David A. Knight, money.

State v. Tracie L. Lenox et al, money.

State v. Lynn A. Lewis et al, money.

State v. Jennifer L. Lichty et al, money.

State v. Benjamin J. Litter et al, money.

State v. Tiffany Lampley, money.

State v. Joseph S. Makosky, money.

State v. Christine Maroti, money.

State v. Tracy A. Marshall, money.

State v. Carla M. Martino, money.

State v. Michael A. Matteotti et al, money.

State v. Timothy A. Mazzella, money.

State v. Heather McBane, money.

State v. Natalie McCarthy et al, money.

State v. Travis J. McCartney, money.

State v. Victoria McCorkle, money.

State v. Gary A. McDonald, money.(2)

State v. McQuaid Distributing & Marketing Inc., money.

State v. Jonnie E. Miller, money.

State v. Richard A. Nelson, money.

State v. Mathew P. Nichols et al, money.

State v. Mathew J. Novak et al, money.

State v. Stephanie Owens, money.

State v. Kate E. Pachell et al, money.

State v. Charles F. Palmer, money.

State v. Lorie L. Pope, money.

State v. James K. Powell et al, money.

State v. Rusty Pratt, money.

State v. Debbie Protheroe et al, money.

State v. Steve Rannebarger, money.

State v. Patrick M. Reigh et al, money.

State v. Dawn L. Rogers et al, money.

State v. Victor Rossi, money.

State v. Lila C. Santell, money.

State v. Heather L. Santiago, money.

State v. Andrew F. Selep, money.

State v. Scott I. Slovesko et al, money.

State v. Ray D. Sprinkles, money.

State v. Shawn E. Stanley, money.

State v. Michelle Steffey, money.

State v. Danielle Stevens, money.

State v. Kenneth A. Suich, money.

State v. Richard L. Thomas, money.

State v. Lime Tree Sandwich Gallery LLC, money.

State v. Frank Uthe, money.(3)

State v. Jeffrey A. Votaw, money.

State v. James C. Waldemarson, money.

State v. Casshan D. Wallace, money.

State v. Joshua D. Westfall, money.

Rahshad L. White, money.

State v. Craig M. Witherow et al, money.

State v. Susanna S. Young et al, money.

State v. Melanie M. Zappia et al, money.

Huntington National Bank v. V&V Enterprises Inc. et al, money

Unifund CCR LLC v. Timothy C. Cochrun, money.

C&K Petroleum Inc. v. USA Gas Mart et al, money.

PNC Bank NA v. Carl A. Vennitti et al, money.

Progressive Advanced Insurance Co. v. Thomas W. Swearingen, money.


marriage licenses

Robert J. Debiec, 32, of 7974 Lost Tree Drive, Boardman, and Kaitlin E. Brogley, 28 of same.

James P. Flory, 22, of 174 W. Wayne St., Alliance, and Kylee M. Elkins, 25, of same.

Daniel Raseta Jr., 31, of 103 Pin Oak Place, Campbell, and Kellee A. Davis, 30, of 173 Shorehaven Drive, Boardman.

Ivan J. Garrity, 56, of 5794 Westshore Drive, Newport Richie, Fla., and Barbara D. Blackburn, 49, of same.

Richard L. Eberth, 75, of 8000 Herbert Road, Canfield, and Lana J. Parson, 72, of 1416 Maplecrest, Austintown.

Bryan J. Seltzer, 29, of 540 S. Main St., Bessemer, Pa., and Amber L. Young, 29, of same.

Sean G. McVeigh, 32, of Canfield, and Lindsay N. Lemke, 34, of Canfield.

Thomas J. Joseph III, 21, of 4521 Deer Creek Court Apt. 2, Austintown, and Heather N. Maron, 22, of 3821 Forest Ridge Court, Mineral Ridge.

Seth H. Smith, 32, of 3894 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh, and Kassandra Lee Lorey, 31, of 208 N. Balph Ave., Pittsburgh.

Paul D. Matak, 24, of 6424 Ridgeview Ave., Austinotown, and Susan M. Nunzir, 24, of same.

Emmanuel Lyras, 30, of 80 Creed Circle, Campbell, and Katerina M. Mallias, 26, of 120 Pin Oak Place, Campbell.

Adam M. Shoulders, 27, of 4326 North 17th St., Sebring, and Cassidy C. Strik, 27, of same.

Gleb P. Mytko, 33, of 1120 Jackie Lane, Cleveland, and Kristen A. Traynor, 31, of 29 South Cadillac Drive, Boardman.

James H. Morrow, 47, of 3525 Zedaker St., Youngstown, and Jessica Priscilla Jane Hidey, 37, of same.

Alex C. Green Sr., 32, of 2833 Baker St., Campbell, and Josephine R. Beaulieu, 29, of 263 Park Drive, Campbell.

Cody M. Schindler, 25, of 6831 Berry Blossom Drive, Canfield, and Kendra R. Newell, 21, of 174 Idaho Road, Austintown.

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