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Neighbors | Abby Slanker.A C.H. Campbell Elementary School kindergarten played a math game in his classroom with his mother during Canfield Local School District Math Night on Oct. 4.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.C.H. Campbell Elementary School second-grader Noelle DeBarr and her mom, Andrea, played games and learned about the Bridges Curriculum during Canfield Local School District Math Night on Oct. 4.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Canfield Local School District Math Coach Shari Munno addressed parents and students about the Bridges Curriculum on Oct. 4.


The Canfield Local School District hosted a Math Night for parents and their children at C.H. Campbell Elementary School, during which they were introduced to the Bridges Curriculum on Oct. 4. The Bridges Curriculum has been implemented in the Canfield Schools for students in grades K-5. The program offers a unique blend of problem-solving and skill building at every grade level.

The evening was hosted by C.H. Campbell Principal Travis Lavery, Director of Curriculum and Instruction John Tullio and Canfield Local School District Math Coach Shari Munno.

“Tonight is a chance for our parents to see their children in action. That’s the biggest thing. It gives them a chance to see what it actually looks like in the classroom and what their children are learning. They will sit down and go through the strategies and games the children use to learn math. They are having fun and it gives the parents a chance to learn along with the students, while also supporting them,” Munno said.

As they entered the building, each parent was given a packet for their child’s grade level, which contained an overview for Number Corner, Bridges lessons, curriculum details, worksheets, workplaces and math games. The parents and children then proceeded to their student’s classroom.

Munno said the teachers focus on the three components of Bridges.

“There are three components of Bridges. We have the Number Corner, which the students spend about 20 minutes on. Next we have the lessons, which are both teacher-led and student-led. Students can learn from each other here. And then we have workplaces, where the students learn valuable strategies. The games they play here help reinforce the lessons,” Munno said.

Munno also said the children are vocab-rich, thanks to their teachers.

“Our students are ‘vocab-rich’ because our teachers are using vocabulary to also teach math. They know the meaning of the math words expressions and equations. Because they know the meaning of these words, the are not stumped by them when learning math,” Munno said.

Munno said the kindergarten classes were involved this year and the number of students and parents attending this year has essentially doubled from last year.

“We had approximately 400 students and parents sign up for tonight. That’s double last year’s attendance. We also included the kindergarten classes this year we had 109 kindergarten students and parents sign up,” Munno said.

The event involved almost every teacher in the school.

“We have almost every teacher here tonight. We also have most of our staff volunteering here tonight, such as the tutors, special education teachers, and our literary coach. It just goes to show the dedication of our educators in Canfield,” Munno said.

C.H. Campbell Principal Travis Lavery said the main goal of the evening was to show the parents what their children are doing on a daily basis.

“Math Night is one of the most exciting nights we hold all year. We had an amazing turnout. Tonight is to show parents what the students are doing on a daily basis. The kids are coming home all excited about math, and with Math Night, the parents have the opportunity to come here and see for themselves. And now the parents are happy and excited about math, too,” Lavery said.

At the end of the evening, everyone gathered back in the gym for closing remarks. C.H. Campbell Principal Travis Lavery welcomed the large crowd, thanking them for coming.

“Thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, for coming out tonight. It’s amazing to see such a packed house of parents wanting to learn math. Our program is amazing and it is really helping kids understand math. They are learning the why behind it. I am so grateful to all the teachers here tonight. It just goes to show the dedication and professionalism of our staff. Thank you,” Lavery said.

As Lavery introduced Munno, she showed the crowd several online resources that can be accessed from home and explained the resources their packet contained, including expectations of the Bridges program, grade level strategies, valuable articles on today’s math and games to play at home. To end the evening, all grade levels participated in a raffle, with prizes being baskets full of grade-level appropriate math items.

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