For the Week of Sunday, October 28, 2018

Published: Sun, November 4, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m.

C.T.W. Development Corp. to Anita B. Shapiro, Westford Place, Canfield, $250,700.

Deborah L. Musser et al to Joshua A. Musser et al, Holly Street, Canfield, $130,000.

Don R. Flickinger to Ralph E. Harless, Clingan Road, Poland, $180,000.

Anthony Patella to Breakpoint Sales and Investing Two Inc., Thalia Avenue, Youngstown, $30,000.

Contour Properties LLC to Charles H. Hall Jr. et al, Truesdale Road, Boardman, $139,900.

Warawee LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, East Florida Avenue, Youngstown, $30,000.

Funtulis Property Group LLC to LA Works LLC, East Florida Avenue, Youngstown, $32,500.

Funtulis Property Group LLC to YMD Properties LLC, Cherry Hill Avenue, Youngstown, $30,000.

FB Acquisition Property III LLC to Allison M. Vross et al, Sugarbush Drive, Canfield, $32,000.

Richard A. Bindas et al to Alison Castiglione et al, Huxley Road, Ellsworth Twp., $212,000.

Dennis R. Huffman et al to Mitchell Muscioli et al, Lipkey Road, North Jackson, $204,900.

Michael A. Theisler et al to Randall S. Crawford et al, Country Ridge, Austintown, $188,000.

Ann Nittoli to Dorothy D. Holloway, North Hazelwood Avenue, Youngstown, $35,500.

Carol J. Kapalco to Joyce L. Close, North 12th Street, Sebring, $149,900.

Esther L. Lee to Jarrod M. Hawkins, West Ohio Avenue, Sebring, $92,000.

Keith Marshall et al to Richard May et al, Pine Shadow Court, Austintown, $168,000.

Juan C. Chamorro Rosero et al to VAC VAF Holdings LLC, Lilburne Drive, Youngstown, $20,200.

Austintown N. Four Mile LLC to Austintown Cowles LLC, North Four Mile run Road, Austintown, $675,000.

House to Home Properties LLC to Michael J. Cornell et al, Jaguar Drive, Boardman, $136,750.

Rose M. Matasic to Vincent F. Julian et al, South Glenellen Ave., Youngstown, $50,000.

Annette M. Corrado to Carmen Neopolitan, East Florida Avenue, Youngstown, $16,000.

Joann Bianco to Jenn M. Jordon et al, South Warwick Drive, Canfield, $78,000.

Patrick J. Hughes to Michael Fitzpatrick, Truesdale Road, Boardman, $110,000.

Louis J. Demicco to Harold Schisler et al, Nashua Drive, Austintown, $172,000.

Donna J. Galluppi to Jimmy F. Hughes et al, Oak Street, Youngstown, $25,000.

Sonya L. Kaurich to Philip L. Jones et al, West Middletown Road, Beloit, $110,000.

Dominic T. Anzevino to Eleanore N. Rogenski, Brownlee Avenue, Youngstown, $44,000.

Rollin C. Goshey et al to Michael A. Theisler et al, Elizabeth Place, Canfield, $295,000.

Karim Hussein et al to Mark E. Hernon et al, Tuscany Creek, Poland, $450,000.

Joshua M. Bixler et al to Christopher A. Lamp, West Texas Avenue, Sebring, $70,000.

Thomas G. D’Amico et al to Sheree Nemenz et al, Sena Lane, Poland, $35,000.

Brookwood Apartments LLC to Brookwood Residences LL, Brookwood, Boardman, $570,000.

Christopher L. Campbell to Jared M. Kohn, Bainbridge Avenue, Austintown, $92,000.

Dennis J. Hlebovy et al to Andrew M. Popovich et al, West Omar Avenue, Struthers, $16,000.

BCS Development LLC to Donald H. Snyder et al, Heron Bay Drive, Poland, $140,000.

Stephen Colucci to Richard E. Quinn et al, Hampton Hall, Poland, $330,000.

Alisa A. Perren to David N. Myers et al, South Raccoon Road, Austintown,$137,500.

Kitty M Szauter to Chris M. Green, East Midlothian Boulevard, Youngstown, $56,500.

Mitchell Mascioli et al to Matthew Mascioli, New Road, North Jackson, $206,000.

AlysCam LLC to Joseph Serrano, Whipple Avenue, Campbell, $63,000.

Carl L. DeSiato et al to Kaitlyn M. Luchansky, Turnberry Drive, Boardman, $153,000.

Lindsay E. Opritza to Carl J. Desiato et al, Alabaster Avenue, Canfield, $297,000.

Christine Donaldson to Modern Hive LLC, Smithfield Street, Youngstown, $16,000.

James L. Polito to Larry Russell Jr. et al, West Omar Street, Struthers, $91,000.

Gregory J. Rohan to Heather Sylvester, Fairway Drive, Canfield, $350,000.

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to E. Anthony Biondillo III, Gully Top Lane, Canfield, $65,000.

Gary Johnson Jr. et al to Ronald A. Statti et al, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $150,000.

Toni M. Notaro et al to Sean McBurney, Brixton Crest, Canfield, $387,000.

Michael Myhal et al to Shawn Toth et al, South Duck Creek Road, North Jackson, $48,000.

Ardina B. Mays to Adam Liga et al, South Briarcliff Drive, Canfield, $185,000.

CTW Development Corp. to Robert C. Johnson et al, Kyle Ridge Pointe, Canfield, $89,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Jacob A. Nezbeth, East Middletown Road, North Lima, $26,500.

Patrick J. Bowen to Stone Financing LLC, Centennial Drive, Poland, $166,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Paul Wanat et al, Centennial Drive, Poland, $166,000.

Heather L. Stratton et al to Vincent A. Cerni et al, South Raccoon Road, Canfield, $138,500.

Frank Costantini et al to Alisa A. Jones et al, Victory Hill Lane, Youngstown, $309,900.

WLG Residential Properties LLC to Suzanne Beans, Allendale Avenue, Youngstown, $82,500.

Ryan Martino to Frank E. Ciavarella et al, Wilson Street, Struthers, $69,300.

Donald L. Murray et al to Jeffrey S. Crawford et al, Ravine Place, Youngstown, $178,000.

Nancy M. Shaffer to Kristopher L. Slater, Appleridge Drive, Boardman, $160,000.

U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Denise M. Bailey, Royal Oak Circle, Sebring, $125,000.

Nicholas Mistovich et al to Lucille B. Calloway, Sanderson Avenue, Campbell, $92,000.

Michael S. Vuletich et al to Timothy R. Lockso et al, Longview Circle, North Lima, $475,000.

Jason S. Hurford to James M. Cook, Woodworth Road, North Lima, $27,000.

Maurine E. Lautzenheiser to Donna Gibson, New England Boulevard, Boardman, $99,000.

Conus Investment Group LLC to Hillman Way Holdings LLC, Hillman Way, Boardman, $300,000.

Emilia M. Smulsri to Jason Neal et al, Cider Mill Crossing, Youngstown, $172,000.

NPML Mortgage Acquisitions LLC to Nicholas M. Brown et al, North 15th Street, Sebring, $52,500.

MTGLQ Investors to TAG Resources LLC, Bears Den Road, Youngstown, $32,000.

Greenheart Companies LLC to Leela R. Kaza, East Western Reserve Road, Youngstown, $353,324.

Luis E. Cali Jr. to Matthew Taliaferro-Vaia et al, Bristlewood Drive, Youngstown, $310,000.

Eugene F. Iacobucci et al to Douglas R. Sage II et al, Runnemede Drive, Boardman, $112,500.

Richard Smith to Robert E. Smith, North Edgehill Avenue, Youngstown, $49,200.

HSBC Bank USA N.A. to Nevada Algo Trading LLC, Morrison St., Struthers, $22,020.

Mark Fontanarosa et al to Gregory J. Clear et al, Leffingwell Road, Canfield, $418,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Merrill I. Winfield, Pembrook Road, Youngstown, $35,000.

Ralph T. Mansfield IV to Morgen G. Reamer, Price Road, Youngstown, $82,300.

Daniel J. Johntony et al to Craig Whitfield et al, Millet Avenue, Youngstown, $38,500.

John C. Primm et al to Ronald L. Quaranta Sr. et al, Southwestern Run, Poland, $140,000.

Peter McHugh to Abdul Abbadi et al, Woodview Avenue, Youngstown, $11,000.

Jill R. Ross to Robert E. Small Jr., Claybourne Avenue, Boardman, $74,000.

Charles E. Gillman to Andrew C. Eddy et al, South Mahoning Avenue, Alliance, $10,260.

Marlene M. Steiskal to Ashley T. Bryant, Sheffield Drive, Austintown, $156,000.

Blaze Property Management LLC to James E. Neidhardt et al, Auburn Hills Drive, Boardman, $71,000.

Fred Rosko et al to Tramaine L. Jones et al, Pleasant Valley Lane, Canfield, $175,000.

Alyscam LLC to Richard Hunter et al, Flagler Lane, Youngstown, $96,000.

Hemlock Holdings LLC to Christian S. Weaver, Oyster Road, Smith Township, $50,000.

Vincent S. Bacon et al to 1175 LLC, Jefferson Place, Canfield, $302,000.

Robert R. Stein et al to Derek L. Romine, Florence Drive, Lake Milton, $127,900.

Monica R. Noling to Brundy R. Schumaker, Hitchcock Road, Youngstown, $155,000.

Robert Wolfe et al to Nina DeLullo, Talsman Drive, Canfield, $93,500.

Cynthia A. Skinner to Larry M. Skinner, Ambert Avenue, Youngstown, $42,000.

Joseph D. Whistler et al to Julian H. Hierl, Calloway Circle, Austintown, $45,000.

Chad C. Rosko et al to Travis S. Watson et al, West Main Street, Canfield, $120,000.

Ryan N. Allen to LCM Properties LLC, Eighth Street, Struthers, $57,500.

Leonard W. Yochman to Joseph M. Farrow, Stoltz Road, Diamond, $142,500.

Cheryl Ference to Tiffany Ference, Nellbert Lane, Youngstown, $60,000.

James F. Collier to Louis Coppola et al, Indian Trail, Poland, $212,000.

Jennifer L. Mason to Jeffrey L. Noling et al, Tree Line Trail, New Middletown, $230,000.

Carl F. Ansevin to C-Ray Famiglia LLC, Market St., Youngstown, $70,000.

Carl A. Daniels et al to Greg A. Sharpe et al, Best Road, North Benton, $32,000.

Adam Sullivan to Michael Connolly et al, Daytona Drive, Youngstown, $55,000.

Shawn M. Flowers to Kaitln Kupferer, Katherine St., Struthers, $41,000.

Kate M. Baun to Scott S. Barrett, Erskine Avenue, Youngstown, $80,000.

John C. Kaluza et al to OPM Ohio 6 LLC, Cambridge Avenue, Youngstown, $23,000.

New Beginnings Residential Ministry to WLG Residential Properties LLC, South Meridian Road, Youngstown, $5,000.

David A. DeHoff to Shermon G. Martz III, Western Reserve Road, Canfield, $130,000.

Marian L. Blessing to Daniel Garcia, Lake Road, Youngstown, $97,800.

RELO Direct Government Services LLC to BobbieJ. Frost et al, Wyndclift Circle, Youngstown, $189,691.

Quadland Corp. to Robert E. Kasmer Jr., Springfield Road, Poland, $239,240.

Adam S. Hromyak to Scott Miller, South Schenley Avenue, Youngstown, $121,000.

Frances Martelli to Francisco J. Rivera, 12th Street, Campbell, $10,000.

Barbara A. Matheny to Ted G. Kyprianou, Craig Drive, Lake Milton, $35,000.

Carol A. Graff to Brian Day et al, Spike Court, Canfield, $410,000.

Franklin D. Thornton et al to Terry L. Coontz et al, Scott Cliff Drive, Lake Milton, $221,850.

Nicholas Ritenour to Clifford Gilbert, Parkway St., Struthers, $15,000.


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