Who knew Jersey, New Jersey were different places?


An American college student who didn’t know the difference between the U.S. state of New Jersey and the British Channel Island of Jersey is clear about the distinction now.

Joe Hill, of Plymouth, Mass., returned April 29 from a vacation on the island off the coast of France that was paid for by Jersey residents.

The Boston Globe reports it started when Hill joined a Facebook group called “Good or Bad Jersey Businesses” he assumed was about the U.S. state.

He posted a comment on the page that garnered 1,500 likes.

Jersey resident Alex Dolan saw it and launched a crowdfunding effort that raised enough money to bring Hill and his girlfriend to the island.

The couple was fed, housed and shown around for free.

Hill called Jersey residents “super friendly.”

Young bear roaming NJ towns tranquilized in tree


A young black bear that’s been roaming around New Jersey residential areas has been tranquilized and is out of a home’s tree.

Crews managed to tranquilize the 11/2-year-old male bear May 1 as it sat on a low tree branch near a home in Ridgewood. They caught it in a net.

Earlier, it had been running around near a school’s baseball field, and it was seen napping in a tree in neighboring Paramus.

Animal-control worker Carol Tyler says the bear is at an age where its mother would kick it out, but it’s not old enough or strong enough to take its own territory. They guess the animal was drawn to the area by the smell of food.

The plan was to have the bear transported to western New Jersey, likely near the Delaware Water Gap.

Pelicans crash graduation, 1 lands on red carpet

MALIBU, Calif.

A pair of pelicans majoring in curiosity crashed a graduation ceremony at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

The brown, dive-bombing birds joined the class of 2018 on April 28 as graduates were receiving diplomas on a lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

A video shows one of the big birds landing among seated observers who managed to toss it back into the air, only to have it land on a red carpet at the center of the ceremony.

One bird snapped its long beak at the hand of an official who tried to grab it.

Eventually both birds were shooed away and waddled off.

Associated Press

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